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Ilya Letnik

Ilya Letnik

Electronic lab notebook for food tech


Mar 2021

In recent years, food-tech companies all over the world are introducing a variety of modern methods for food production — from fermentation of egg protein replacements to 3D cell printing of meat. These methods offer an environment-friendly, healthy and moral replacement for traditional animal-based food production. Food-tech companies believe they can create meat and animal product alternatives using less water and resources, emitting less CO2 and do it all in a sterile environment less prone to disease.

This cutting-edge technology deserves software that can adapt to ever-changing procedures, offer in-depth analysis of data, protect data from competitors and create an efficient workflow. Labguru electronic lab notebook acknowledges the importance of the food-tech industry and offers a customized solution for food-tech laboratories looking for ELN integration.

Central Database

With Labguru electronic lab notebook you can fully register all samples and materials used  in your lab. You can register strains and cell lines, track their lineage, performance and development. You can customize the properties of each sample and add criteria such as ph, temperature, media, volume, desired target protein and so on.


Register every sample and supply

Labguru allows you to record the exact location and quantity of each supply within your storage, and develop an organization system that keeps your workflow running smoothly. It can even be used to print QR-coded labels for each sample or stock.


Track every single vial

Project Tracking

The samples, strains and cultures can be connected to experiments and projects. You can divide your research into different projects according to desired results or any other factor of your choice, and group experiments within these projects. 

Labguru electronic lab notebook offers experiment templates that can be used to create a fixed format for all experiments. All the necessary information for an experiment can be linked to the same page — if you’re performing a fermentation experiment, you can link it to the strain, the necessary supplies, the protocol and the desired result.


Experiment protocol

You can also edit your stocks and supplies directly from within experiment pages and mark supplies as used so that you always keep an updated inventory. 

Results can also be added to the experiment page, and can include any parameters of your choice, for example the sensory characteristics of the product, quantity of unwanted byproducts and more. Pictures and graphs can be added as well.


See all your information on one page

Labguru also recently introduced integrated Gantt charts that enable users to supervise the progress and planning of a specific project. The Gantt chart appears under the Gantt tab in the project page, and can be used to set experiment start date and duration that are linked to the experiment pages. Any change made to the Gantt chart is automatically updated in the experiment pages. 


Track Entire Workflow

With Labguru electronic lab notebook, all different teams of your R&D organization can cooperate and share a knowledge base, tracking all stages of production from engineering to finished product and even resource recovery. This allows for better decision-making and continuation of research.

The Labguru Dashboards tool can create visualized report of both research data and lab management data, making it easier to zoom out and see the bigger picture of the production process, as well as analyze and iterate on results from various sources.


Labguru Dashboards Tool

Electronic lab notebook + LIMS

Labguru combines research data management with all other day-tay-day aspects of lab work. As a lab manager, you can use Labguru to assign tasks, keep an organized inventory and storage, and track equipment maintenance. 

Labguru’s news feed allows lab members to stay up-to-date with their tasks and see what their coworkers are doing. In the field of food-tech which involves complex procedures with different teams working together to achieve an end result, these are especially important things.

Main Dashboard

Stay up-to-date with the Labguru dashboard

Data Analysis

Labguru’s advanced tools allow users to perform R analysis on datasets. Working with Labguru together with R enables researchers, data scientists and bioinformaticians to directly communicate with Labguru. This way, working on experimental data (including all the different phases of the research) can be performed within Labguru, centralised and tied together with the rest of your research laboratory management tasks. 

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