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Our values


Only Friendly People

Labguru is a people-oriented company. We have fun working together and lift each other up to achieve our goals.


Ego Left at the Door

As Labgurians, we don’t care about politics and ego. Your contributions will be recognized and appreciated from day 1.


Flexible Hybrid Model

We want you to work wherever you’re productive - at home, at the office, or any combination of the two.


Work-Life Balance

We believe that flexible hours are the key to success. We care about your family, hobbies, and downtime, and will gladly discuss any arrangement that works for you.


Equal Opportunities

Women make up over 50% of Labguru employees and can be found at all organizational levels. Everyone is welcome at Labguru!


Fusing Science and Technology

Are you a scientist and/or coding genius? Labguru offers a unique opportunity to employ your expertise in an innovative environment while learning new skills and broadening your horizons.

The Secret Sauce

Being a Labgurian requires you to be multifaceted:



Pursue success passionately & energetically with a can-do attitude.


Hard Worker

Strive to be a top performer, commit to getting results, and constantly seek perfection.



Think outside the box, develop new, cutting-edge processes, and believe in yourself.



Master functional areas with a high level of know-how, plan and execute tasks independently.


Team Player

Share information, knowledge, and ideas.


Fast Learner

Proactively develop your own knowledge and skills.

Why do Labgurians love working here?

"At Labguru I feel absolutely comfortable approaching anyone, team manager or CEO, freely. Managers are more guides than supervisors, and have close and open relationships with employees. It encourages fruitful discussions and a flow of ideas."

Ilya letnik1


Application Scientist

"Being a part of Labguru team means you are always empowered and driven to be the best version of yourself, and mentorship is the foundation for communication between team members. There is a sense of belonging in being part of a community journey."

Talia Hadad


Product Manager

"Labguru's broad social diversity allows me to be myself. It’s fun to work in a humane, open and supportive environment, which brings out the best in me. The sense of shared effort, goals, and objectives creates an experience of shared destiny, an experience of belonging"

Ben Harpazi1-1


Product Manager

"Working in Labguru is like having a second big family which you work with. Team work is in our hearts. It means you get to work with the most creative minds that are constantly in a search for new challenges."



Full Stack Developer

"Working for Labguru truly feels like working for my family. We care about what we do and we help each other in a common goal: making Labguru the best system for all of our users. "



Senior Business Development Manager

"Working here is truly amazing! The energy and the people are great and you just feel that every employee is important."



QA Specialist

"Labguru is the most supportive workplace I’ve ever experienced. New ideas are always welcome and there is always an option to grow professionally. Even though we are currently working from home, it does not affect our close relationships."



Automation Engineer

"Working at Labguru challenges me and provides me with opportunities to learn, and I can always reach out for help. Moreover, the Labguru team has great vibes! Everyone is really friendly, and I just love going to work every morning!"

Sophi Marmen1


Project Manager

"Working at Labguru is a great experience, full of challenges and growth. The people here are the most significant thing, collaboration and mutual assistance are a way of life here. There is always room for creativity and constant improvement is a state of mind. "

Eynav Haltzi1


Product Manager