The All-in-One LIMS for NGS

Labguru is a cloud-based platform perfect for streamlining NGS processes. With Labguru, scientists can focus on bench work and experiment planning instead of wasting precious time on manual and repetitive management tasks. 

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According to a recent survey by Labguru, most scientists who perform NGS struggle with managing, centralizing, and analyzing data, communicating with their team, and managing reagents and samples.

Here's how Labguru tackles these challenges: 

Data Centralization

Labguru centralizes all of your research information, from protocols and experiment entries to samples and stocks. It reduces the risk of human error and redundant work by providing an organized, accessible, and searchable database.

  • Keep track of all previously sequenced libraries in the lab
  • Use protocol and SOP templates to make processes and experiments easily reproducible
  • Standardize and structure your experiment entries with reusable forms
  • Easily view the different stages of the NGS procedure — see the big picture, track, and review
Data centralization
Data Analysis

Data Analysis

70% of researchers who perform NGS procedures say that data analysis is the most challenging part of the process. Labguru enables scientists and data scientists to run advanced queries and create and visualize reports, empowering them to work on data on an all-in-one platform.

  • Run advanced pre-made or custom SQL analysis queries 
  • Use the Workflow Editor add-on to Further analyze your results using Python, Ruby, or C#
  • Create and visualize reports in tables and graphs of your choice
  • Receive BI and make data-driven decisions
  • Create datasets to compare results and track your progress
  • Structure data from multiple formats and sources
  • Integrate with external analysis software via API
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Inventory, Storage & Equipment Management

Labguru’s LIMS modules simplify lab management, helping scientists create an organized and efficient lab.

  • Track the remaining amounts and expiration date of each sample and reagent
  • Assign a physical storage location to every stock so you can always find what you need
  • Create, edit and approve shopping lists in a centralized manner, preventing duplicate orders
  • Add specific stocks to your ELN entries to track exactly what was used in every experiment
  • Track aliquots and derivatives
  • Manage equipment calibration and maintenance and schedule equipment sessions
Inventory, Storage and Equipment Management

Realize Your Next Generation Sequencing Potential

You can do so much more. Discover how we can help you take your NGS to the next level.

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Labguru provides a cloud-based shared workspace where lab members can communicate and collaborate effortlessly.

  • Create shared experiments and work together
  • Comment and create discussions on any item in the system
  • Assign tasks to lab members to stay on top of your projects
  • Plan your projects with Gantt charts, view your lab’s work schedule on a calendar and receive notifications on tasks and events
  • Use Labroom to make and save video calls and keep them in the context of a project 

Why Labguru?


We are an all-in-one solution

Perform efficient NGS and maximize your research output. Plan and document experiments, track progress, streamline lab logistics, and share results.


We support you from research to production

Streamline everything from experiment planning to large-scale production on one centralized platform employing advanced technological tools. 


We're here to meet your needs

We'd love to learn more about your unique needs to create a tailored solution for your lab's NGS. Just let us know how we can streamline your research.


Our solution is intuitive and easy to use

Forget about lengthy onboarding processes and training sessions. Labguru is designed to be so intuitive, you can pick up where you left off.

Labguru’s customer success team of science PhDs is available to help you with all your needs

From implementing the system and customizing it to your needs to daily operations, our application scientists are always here to help. Book a free demo to learn more about the system.

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