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Strain management 

  • Manage cell stocks stored in multiple freezers easily and update your collections as you add new strains. Keep track of media and labware orders to prevent shortages and save money on unnecessary orders.
  • Centralize all sample information, including strain, medium, antibiotics, and incubation conditions, and create detailed protocols to ensure consistency. Harvest cells in a compliant manner and link derived collections of DNA, RNA, and proteins to specific samples to streamline reporting.
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Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

  • Leverage Labguru’s interactive DNA Viewer to display sequences as circular or linear and simulate digestion with selected restriction enzymes. Edit sequences and then visualize their ORFs and translations to ensure accuracy.
  •  Manage your inventory and keep track of expiration dates with predefined alerts. Leverage Labguru tools to calibrate and maintain equipment, and design workflows for a seamless genetic engineering process. 


  • Keep track of all previously sequenced libraries in your lab and use protocol and SOP templates to render processes easily reproducible. Standardize and structure your experiment entries with reusable forms and run advanced pre-made or custom SQL analysis queries. 
  •   Use the Workflow Editor add-on to further analyze your results using Python, Ruby, or C#. Structure data from multiple formats and sources, and visualize results in tables and graphs. Create datasets to compare results and track your progress, integrate with external analysis software via API, and make data-driven decisions. 
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Stability Testing 

  • Plan fully compliant stability studies effortlessly with an integrated Gantt chart and assign collaborators to perform tests. Create custom labels with barcodes, update your inventory in real-time, and easily distinguish stability storage locations from ordinary storage locations.  
  •  Assess stability accurately and verify stability testing results while monitoring trends and variations. Our datasets empower you to centralize all stability test results, facilitating data analysis and automatically generating reports and certificates. 


  • Integrate all lab instruments and manage equipment maintenance from one centralized platform. Create reproducible protocols for lab procedures- from solutions and samples preparation until results calculations and report, to facilitate consistency and assign tasks to lab members. Organize your inventory and stay on top of orders to ensure an uninterrupted supply of materials.
  • Record notes and data in real-time and generate reports for regulatory compliance. Monitor trends and disturbances to derive insights faster and take timely action. Perform automated calculations and advanced analyses to streamline your science. 

We believe that advanced research methods are best served by cutting-edge technological tools.

Labguru provides scientists all around the world with tailored solutions to accelerate the next breakthrough. To discover how we can help you.

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