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Accelerate discovery by structuring your experiment documentation, organizing your inventory, and standardizing protocols and SOPs.

  • Map and manage plasmids and sequences
  • Track samples and manage an organized inventory with specialized collections for strains, sequences, cell lines, plasmids, bacteria, proteins, and many more
  • Standardize genetic engineering procedures using protocol templates
  • Document experiments, analyze results, and track your progress


Ensure good manufacturing practices, receive better and faster insights, and streamline processes with best-in-class workflow planning and automation tools. 

  • Build full development pipelines with reusable templates to standardize work methods
  • Manage biomass storage locations and containers
  • Track and document your work in real-time
  • Track sample growth and treatments 
  • Integrate with lab instruments and import results automatically
  • Run analysis queries on lab and project management data and receive BI
  • Automate routine manual procedures 


Prevent human error and ensure data integrity, traceability, and accuracy of results

  • Trace all your processes back to each stage of research and development so you can easily analyze the effects of different operations on end results
  • Perform and track quality control tests
  • Create, visualize and share reports 
  • Automatically create a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) using customizable workflows
  • Create accurate and detailed documentation of testing procedures
  • Automate complex analysis queries
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Why Choose Labguru?

Gears - development

Automation Tools and Services

Get full control over your research and lab data with our powerful Labguru Workflow Editor, allowing you to easily automate any routine process, from data capture to complex analysis. Additionally, we offer professional automation services and can create any custom automation you require.



Data Integrity and Compliance

Labguru is fully FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. All actions in the system are attributable and recorded in an audit trail that is fully accessible to you.
You can easily create and share reports with regulatory inspectors, use digital signatures (sign-and-witness) to lock experiments and protocols, view historical versions, manage instrument calibration, and more.

plan and organize

Project Planning and Insights

Labguru is more than a research and lab management system — we help you optimize and accelerate your work process. Plan your projects with Gantt charts, assign tasks, book instrument sessions, and monitor all actions performed in the lab. Use Labguru Dashboards to analyze and visualize data, receive immediate insights and make data-driven business decisions. 

easy to use


Labguru’s user interface is created by scientists for scientists, allowing you to begin working with minimal training, easily perform your daily activities, and find any information you need.

Our UX is structured to provide an organized database, while still being flexible enough to allow for growth and change. 

A Unified Solution

Labguru is the ultimate system for biotech companies, as it combines ELN, LIMS, informatics and automation tools in one cloud-based and secure platform. Using Labguru saves you time and money and prevents data loss and error.


We are here for you!

Labguru’s customer success team is made up of science PhDs with experience in all fields of biotech. They are always happy to help you with your every need, from implementation and customization to daily operations.  

Application Scientists

We believe that groundbreaking research deserves best-in-class technology. Labguru provides you with the pioneering research and lab management tools you need to push forward and make a difference. We will gladly tailor a solution to your specific needs to make sure you get the most out of our system.

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