Labguru - A Full Informatics Suite for Molecular Farming

Ensure data integrity, simplify research procedures, and increase efficiency through all stages of the molecular farming process

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All-In-One Solution — From Research to Production

Labguru informatics suite covers all aspects and phases of the molecular farming process, supporting both lab work and agriculture

  • Manage, structure, and analyze data from different sources, teams, and production stages in one central database.
  • Gain the ability to view the bigger picture, study results and products with the context of plant growth and molecular biology research, analyze, and improve your research lab management with data-driven decisions. Easily create reports and share with collaborators or compliance regulators. 

How Does Labguru Support Each Stage of Molecular Farming?

Genetic Engineering
Farming and harvesting
Product extraction and purification

Genetic Engineering

Farming and Harvesting

Product Extraction and Purification

  • Map and manage plasmids
  • Create and view relationships between agrobacterium, plasmids, and derived plants
  • Standardize genetic engineering procedures using protocol templates
  • Integrate with lab instruments and import results automatically
  • Track samples and view all experiments performed on a certain sample to compare results and view progress
  • Manage plant and seed collections and storage
  • Easily create crosses and collect seeds that will be saved as entities in the system
  • View full plant pedigree and parent-child relationships
  • Track watering, fertilization, and other plant treatments
  • Analyze the effects of different operations on end result
  • Monitor experiments and procedures and standardize note-taking
  • Analyze and process Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry results 
  • Organize and track compounds and reagents
  • Create, visualize and share reports 
  • Automatically create a certificate of analysis using customizable workflows
  • Analyze your process and receive BI (business insights) and RI (research insights)

Improve Data Capture

Bring Labguru with you on any device to the bench or to the field and collect data in real-time.

      • Standardize lab and fieldwork methods using protocols
      • Collect data and record your work in a structured format using reusable templates
      • Easily search historical information
      • Annotate results and link them to experiments
      • Link items in your lab management system such as samples and stocks to your ELN experiments
      • Create reports, compare results using serial datasets, and run analysis queries

Data Integrity and Compliance

Labguru informatics suite easily enables data integrity and compliance by standardizing data collection, centralizing record keeping, and making your data structured, searchable, and accurate.

  • Full audit trail: all actions in the system are recorded and time-stamped with the date, time, user, and action.
  • Version history: all historical versions of files, experiments, protocols, etc, are available in PDF form and listed by date
  • Sign and Witness: Labguru provides time-stamped digital signing and locking of experiments. 
  • Record data in real-time: bring Labguru with you to the field or bench, mark steps in your protocol as “performed”, and fill in reusable experiment forms with data as you move through the process, to create records that are as accurate as possible and know what happened when.
  • Link samples and supplies to experiments, to track the exact processes performed on each sample or batch
  • Ensure traceability: trace results back to underlying molecular biology and farming procedures

Labguru’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, created by scientists for scientists, allows you to start working and see results from day 1. Our customer success team of science PhDs will gladly assist you in the implementation, customization of the system to your needs, day-to-day operations, and more.

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