Comprehensive LIMS for Quality Control Labs

Track product quality in all stages of manufacturing and adhere to regulatory requirements

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Labguru is a Holistic Solution for QC Labs

Our cloud-based, SaaS solution supports all stages of your process and combines various tools to overcome challenges of routine work in QC labs, using automated tailored solutions in one cloud-based, secure and compliant platform. Whether it’s tech transfer, method validation, stability studies, sample management, or equipment calibration and maintenance, we can offer you a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Easily comply with data integrity and regulations

  • Labguru is fully compliant with 21CFR part 11 and GxP guidelines 

  • Enduring, Available - Full control of your data access and availability at any time and place

  • Attributable- Every action you take is recorded in an audit trail that can be configured to match your specific needs and requirements. 

  • Digital signatures with the option of designing tailored flows 

  • The version history function saves copies of users’ work when changes are made. 

  • Legible- All versions are available in PDF format and appear in a list sorted by date.

  • Traceability- ability to retrieve data anytime

Key Benefits

Prevent human errors

  • Use forms for data validations and create structured scientific data
  • Get system alerts about deviations from lab procedures, out-of-range test values, and uncalibrated instruments
  • Manage all your calibration tasks in one centralized platform.
  • Implement a Barcode Labelling System to improve data collection and inventory management
  • Structure and customize procedures and processes using automated workflows 

Minimize time-consuming repetitive tasks

  • Easily adjust your designed template to  new use cases
  • Create rules to aggregate data in a structured manner to support business goals  
  • Gain insights from collected data
  • Plan long-term projects and create actionable tasks
  • Achieve complete oversight of lab instrument calibration and maintenance
  • Save time by using protocols as experiment templates

Maintain a paperless lab environment

  • Integrate between ELN and LIMS systems in one comprehensive solution
  • Upload information to Labguru directly from instruments
  • Protect documentation in an ever-readable form. 
  • Archival documents are always accessible, regardless of the lab members' status (active or former).

Dismantle data silos

  • All in one- all data is connected and linked
  • Connect data from lab instruments, various software, and databases directly to the relevant place in Labguru
  • Reachable - no need for multiple systems. 
  • Allows you to follow your natural flow of processes
  • Full lineage between all entities in the processes, creating affinity between SOPs, samples, equipment, and results 

Key Features

Protocols & forms 

  • Describe lab procedures using protocols as SOPs
  • By using the protocols’ view & editing permissions, Labguru ensures usage only of effective versions of SOPs 
  • Create un-editable experiment templates using the Form element
  • Documenting experimental data using Form Element generates structured data from which you can create datasets
Labguru protocols and forms management
Labguru sign and witness

Signature process

  • Build-in flow for experiment performance and review with optional customization of the signature flow according to project needs.
  • Efficient flow: Once an experiment is completed and ready for review, users with proper permissions, or a predefined signature flow, will receive notifications to conduct the review.
  • The entire process takes place within the system and directly on the experiment page, providing full traceability. The process is overseen, allowing you to track progress within experiments signed with a custom signature.
  • Translate your workflow into an automated, tailored signature process that reflects the actual daily review process for teams and projects


  • Each and every lab item may be reflected in the inventory module, from plasticware to test samples
  • Online inventory updates are carried out during laboratory procedures and experiments
  • Labguru inventory allows full modularity, flexibility, and the ability for each account to adjust the collection to its own needs.

Track Your Storage Locations
Stability testing (1)

Stability testing

  • Plan stability studies that meet all compliance requirements with an integrated Gantt chart and assign team members to carry out tests, all with no effort.
  • Design custom barcode labels, keep your stock up-to-date in real-time, and differentiate between stability storage and regular storage locations with ease.
  • Accurately assess stability, verify stability testing results, monitor trends and analysis, and automatically generate reports and certificates. Our datasets enable you to centralize all stability test results, making data analysis easier.

Optimize Your Lab Workflow with Labguru

Experience a comprehensive solution tailored for Quality Control labs – Labguru's cloud-based platform streamlines every aspect of your process, from tech transfer to sample management, offering automated solutions in one secure and compliant space.

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Batch/Lot tracking

  • Maximize lab efficiency by monitoring, assessing, and creating reports on batches and lots
  • Monitor the progress of all batches/lots tested from the time they are submitted until the time the results are reported.
  • Automatic creation of a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) using customizable workflows.
  • Accurate and detailed documentation of testing procedures.
batchlot trackingtools dashboards (1)
Schedule Equipment Sessions

Gantt charts to plan and schedule procedures

  • Planned start dates and experiment duration allow timeline organization of lab procedures. 
  • Dynamic visualization of projects and experiments, including the linkage and dependencies between them, can be achieved using Gantt charts which automatically update the experiments when changes are made.
  • Creating work plans is efficient, laborsaving and methodical

New! Requests Module: Boosting Efficiency in Quality Control Labs

Labguru's new Requests module is specifically designed to enhance efficiency in Quality Control labs, optimizing request management and fostering collaboration.

  • Standardized Templates for Clarity: Utilize standardized request templates to ensure clarity and consistency, reducing ambiguity and errors in Quality Control operations.
  • Real-time Tracking and Prioritization: Efficiently manage sample testing and shipping requests by prioritizing tasks based on urgency and deadlines, and effortlessly track progress in real-time while reducing turnaround time.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with your  ELN, LIMS, inventory, and equipment modules, simplifying data management and enhancing productivity.
  • Leading with automations: Incorporate electronic data entry and result reporting using workflow editor for reduce transcription errors and speeds up data processing 
  • Regulatory Compliance Made Easy: Benefit from secure and auditable request records, ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Comprehensive/Optimized data retrieval: Consistency in data representation and connectivity ensures easier search and retrieval of information 

Gain Performance Enhancement Using our Informatics Modules

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Equipment management & Upfolder

  • Easy and simple instrument management, including equipment calibration, maintenance and scheduling

  • All equipment-related data is located in one organized place. Maintenance and calibration are easily documented and in the right context. 

  • Automatically upload data from lab instruments into your Labguru account using the Upfolder.

Data Icon


  • Structured experimental data may be collected into datasets. 

  • Data collection from multiple ELN pages is streamlined into one very accessible entity

  • Grouped aggregated view of all the experimental information on samples using datasets


Tailored automations

  • Use Labguru’s Workflow Editor to automate processes. 

  • Optimize processes and eliminate human errors by creating step-by-step workflows for structuring, analyzing, or organizing results derived from your lab equipment.



  • Take data-driven decisions with Labguru’s Dashboards add-on, an informatics and BI tool

  • Create equipment utilization reports using pre-made or custom SQL queries

  • Visualize data in graphs, charts, and tables of your choice, and further analyze using code scripts.

Why Labguru?


We are an all-in-one solution

Conduct efficient clinical trials and maximize your research output. Plan and document trials, track progress, streamline logistics, and share results.


We support you from planning to reporting

Streamline everything from clinical trial planning to compliant reporting on one centralized platform employing advanced technological tools.


We're here to meet your needs

We'd love to learn more about your unique needs to create a tailored solution for your trials. Just let us know how we can streamline your research.


Our solution is intuitive and easy to use

Say goodbye to long onboarding and training sessions. Labguru is so user-friendly that you can easily pick up where you left off.

Education, Training & Experience

Labguru offers a two-part user training program consisting of basic training and advanced workshops.

Basic training

During basic training, users are introduced to the system's general usage, in addition to the E-notebook, Inventory, Storage, Equipment, and Knowledgebase modules. This training is typically conducted in online meetings, followed by a Q&A session to ensure that users can immediately incorporate Labguru into their workflows.

Advanced Workshops

Labguru's advanced workshops provide users with the opportunity to learn from our Customer Success experts in an interactive setting. Customers can choose from a variety of topics, such as protocols, experiments, biocollection management, chemistry, data science tools, molecular biology workflows, administrator training, and more.

We believe in simplifying QC.

Labguru provides you with the best data management and documentation tools to ensure the quality of your products.

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