Chemistry Notebook: The Solution for Smart Chemistry Labs

The Labguru chemistry notebook was created to meet the needs of chemical research labs. By integrating compound management, experiments and protocols, lab information and data analysis, Labguru ensures the optimal use of your time and resources, enabling you to streamline your research.

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Simplified Compound Management

  • Sketch and register compounds, reactions and query molecules quickly and accurately
  • Upload compounds in bulk using SD files or a highly customizable Labguru import template
  • Select properties automatically pulled from the ChemAxon database
  • Work together on an internal shared database to prevent unnecessary work
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Specialized Chemistry Notebook

Labguru helps you keep track of experiments and record your processes and results in a structured manner.

  • Easily reproduce experiments using protocols with customized steps and ingredients
  • Connect compounds to experiment notebook entries and protocols
  • Connect experimental results with compounds in your inventory, to view different experiments on the same compound directly from its page
  • Sketch or import reactions
  • Automatically calculate amounts of reactants and products
  • Assign reactions directly to notebook entries
  • Save your data in an intuitive and comprehensive folder layout

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Laboratory Management

The Labguru chemistry notebook integrates powerful Lab Information Management System (LIMS) functionalities, to help your lab become a smart lab:

  • Assign a physical location to compounds to keep your lab organized
  • Track every room, freezer, box and vial
  • Manage compound and supply quantities with our lab inventory management software
  • Create shopping lists
  • Print QR/barcode labels for compounds
  • Schedule equipment sessions
  • Track equipment calibration and maintenance


Specialized Chemistry Notebook

Centralize Information

The Labguru chemistry notebook functions as an easily searchable, safe, and organized central information hub for all of your team members and projects. Labguru puts an end to indecipherable paper notebooks written by former lab members and the shuttling of data between various systems by centralizing everything you need in one place.


Easily access all your experiment notes, records, and results from any computer, any time. Connect experiments, projects, protocols, and compounds, and organize them in ways that work for you. Labguru also serves to improve teamwork, as lab members can share experiments, view each other’s progress, comment, and collaborate.


Process Raw Data

Forget separate systems - process and analyze your experimental data on Labguru! Our advanced tools enable you to perform R analyses on data, using code to interact directly with Labguru.

The Labguru Dashboards add-on allows you to create visualized reports of research information with graphs, tables, etc.. You can also run pre-made or custom queries on data to find results. These queries can be automated by integrating Dashboards with the Workflow Editor tool.

Labguru is the #1 choice for chemists

The Labguru chemistry notebook is the ultimate solution for both academic and industrial chemistry labs seeking to digitize research data and lab information management. By centralizing all of your needs on one platform, Labguru simplifies your research and helps you focus on doing science.

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