Laboratory Equipment Management Made Easy

Organize and manage all your equipment in one lab management system to optimize time management, increase result accuracy, and improve teamwork.

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Calibration & Maintenance

Ensure result accuracy by staying on top of your maintenance plan.

  • Set the required maintenance type and time period for each instrument 
  • Receive notifications when calibration or maintenance is required
  • Assign calibration tasks to lab members
  • Record your maintenance events with structured, reusable templates
  • View all completed maintenance tasks under the “maintenance log”
Calibration and Maintenance
Schedule Equipment Sessions

Schedule Equipment Sessions

Make the most of your time without interfering with your colleagues' work.

  • Easily find the next available time slot for your required instrument using the scheduling wizard
  • Link as many instruments as necessary to any event in your calendar
  • Share equipment timetables across your lab or department, preventing double-booking and setting the conditions for ideal laboratory management
  • Receive notifications when your time is up 

Barcoded/QR-Coded Labels

Create a standardized labeling system and easily link equipment to your experiments.

  • Generate custom QR-coded or barcoded labels for your instruments using the Label Wizard
  • Add details such as name, owner, catalog number, and your organization logo to the label
  • Quickly link equipment to your experiments by scanning barcodes
  • Create reusable label templates to standardize storage and equipment management in your lab
QR-Coded Labels

Improve Equipment Management with Smart Tools


Create Equipment Reports

Labguru’s Dashboards add-on is an informatics and BI tool created to help you make data-driven decisions and improve your lab’s efficiency. Among its many features, Dashboards enables you to create equipment utilization reports using pre-made or custom SQL queries, with details such as most used instruments, number of non-operational days per instrument, equipment usage per project, down times, and more. The reports can be visualized in graphs, charts and tables of your choice, and can be further analyzed using code scripts.


Automate Data Transfer

Use Labguru UpFolder to integrate lab instruments and your LIMS — simply create a folder on an instrument’s computer and all files created or moved into this folder will be uploaded to your Labguru account! 

It doesn’t have to end here — Labgure’s automation tool, Workflow Editor, can be used to automate research data management processes. Save time and eliminate human error by creating step-by-step workflows for structuring, analyzing, or organizing the results you receive from your lab equipment.

An All-in-One Solution for Labs - LIMS, ELN & Informatics

By choosing the Labguru ELN & LIMS, you are benefiting not only from improved equipment management, but also from comprehensive inventory and storage modules, an ELN, and project management, automation, and informatics tools. Labguru was created to meet all of your needs as a researcher within one intuitive cloud-based platform, centralizing your information and rendering it accessible and searchable.

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