How API and ELN Integration Can Benefit Your Lab


Nov 2019

An application program interface (API) is a set of routines and tools for interfacing with software applications. Basically, an API specifies how software applications can interact. It allows two applications to “talk” to each other. API enables data sharing between different IT systems allowing organizations to increase efficiency, reduce human errors, and eliminate repetitious tasks, in addition to gaining flexibility and meaningful insights. 

Although at first the initial costs of deploying an API might seem like a burden, in the long run, using APIs and connecting different pieces of software will prevail as efficiently and cost-effective. It’s true that in order to use APIs you need a developer in your team, but bear in mind that one developer automates actions that replace a series of manual steps that even though might be simple, are time and labor-consuming. 

Using APIs in your lab encourages innovation as it allows your researchers to be exposed to a vast amount of accumulated data that in return can be easily accessed and manipulated to get faster and more endeavored results. In addition, data integrity can be better obtained as deploying APIs in your organization help reduce risks and increase accuracy. 

An additional advantage of using API is the ease of integrating various systems without the need to go into the software development of each system. With APIs, you can automatically build, deploy and scale various actions that regularly require manual mundane work

Using a cloud-based ELN has an even greater advantage as it inherently allows higher flexibility and connectivity, enabling each company to fit its ELN system to its exact needs.

Labguru API Diagram (2)

Labguru’s API is an advanced feature and requires basic knowledge of coding. An API and ELN integration enables you to expand your ELN with additional software integrations creating an agile robust system.

Using an API allows you to:

Import and export data in and out of Labguru

Create new entities or update existing ones, upload files, export data and pages, generate reports, and more.

Data acquisition from lab instruments

Using Labguru’s API and ELN integration you can easily connect various lab equipment and automatically upload the data to Labguru. 

Connect to third-party databases and catalogs 

Using Labguru’s  API will enable you to connect external databases to Labguru ELN and enjoy a wealth of catalog items in your Labguru account. For Example, Connect the ELN shopping list with third-party applications.


Using  Labguru’s API will allow you to automate lab processes, seamlessly centralize and standardize your data, and adapt your lab to the latest and most advanced technologies available to life science companies.


Bioinformaticians and data scientists can use Labguru’s API to extract experimental data collected and documented by the lab’s scientists, analyze it and push the analysis results back to Labguru.

Create a Smart Lab with ELN Integration

Your lab can work more efficiently when your processes are interconnected via API and ELN integration. This integration breaks down data silos and saves time previously spent manually transferring information from one system to another.

 For more information about Labguru API and ELN integration, please contact us.

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