Labguru Dashboards

See the Big Picture in a Sea of Data

As life science research becomes increasingly data-driven, scientists find themselves facing the challenge of processing big data. Labguru Dashboards is an add-on solution to the Labguru ELN, created to help scientists centralize, analyze, and visualize information to receive better and faster insights.

    • Run pre-made or custom SQL queries
    • Visualize results in graphs, tables, and charts
    • Create personalized, automatically updating Dashboards to assemble information in one place
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How Does It Work?

Select Your Queries

Simply choose from a constantly-updating collection of ready-to-use queries and add them to your list. You can also create new SQL-based queries customized for your lab’s specific needs.

Visualize Your Results

Present your query results in line/bar/column/pie/area/scatter charts, facts, or percentage bars. 

Create Your Dashboard

select your required queries and assemble them into a dashboard. Reposition to create the perfect order. You can create as many dashboards as you need.


Share Your Dashboard

post the dashboard to your Labguru workspace, keeping all users in your account updated with real-time data, or create a unique wallboard link for collaborators or external displays.

Optimize All Aspects of your Lab and Research

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Derive better insights from your experimental results:

  • Process experimental results using custom or premade queries
  • Further analyze your results using Python, C#, or Ruby to answer complex questions
  • Compare results and view your progress across experiments by gathering and visualizing datasets


Manage your projects more efficiently:

  • Stay on top of the number of open tasks and current workload per lab member
  • Track the number of experiments waiting for witnessing
  • Understand what are the most used protocols

Analyze in-app user activity


Maximize resource use, minimize lab costs and receive BI:

  • Create equipment utilization reports with most used instruments, equipment usage per project and more
  • Track your supply intake, consumption and expiration rates
  • Understand what are the most ordered items
  • Calculate material cost per month or project

Download the Labguru Dashboards whitepaper here:


Key Benefits

easy to use

Quick implementation: our query repository allows you to start working with Dashboards and see results immediately.

quick and easy

Customization: our solution can be easily tailored to your needs using custom SQL queries, modular dashboards, and various visualization options. 


Constant, knowledgeable support: Our customer success team is made up of scientists with experience in all life science fields. They are always available to help you get the most out of Dashboards and provide personalized solutions.

collaborate and share

Communication and Collaboration: Dashboards allows you to keep all lab members updated by showing the reports on their Labguru homepage, as well as easily share information with your collaborators.


Labguru Dashboards enables you to approach big data not as a challenge, but as a tool that will help you accelerate your research and do more science. We are here to make data analysis easy, provide you with better and faster insights, and improve your team communication and project management. 

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