• Impact Stories

    PIs, Lab Managers, Researchers and Students Praise Labguru

Perfectly Meets Our Needs

Samuel Wagner PhD.
Assistant Professor of Infection Biology
University of Tübingen, Germany
In 2013, we envisioned the introduction of a comprehensive laboratory management software. From the faculty perspective, the software should help to organize labs more efficiently and hence save money by optimizing order procedures, organizing protocols and recipes, managing projects and last but not least by facilitating the sharing of reagents and equipment across departments and the faculty. The faculty-wide information about the software, its implementation in terms of IT-security and hardware requirements, as well as legal and practical implications were comprehensively supported by the team of BioData. We were provided a tailored product, that perfectly fits our specific needs.

Valuable for lab management, teaching

Sheref S. Mansy PhD.
Principal Investigator
Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO)
University of Trento, Italy
Labguru’s department solution has proved to be valuable for lab management and teaching. Not only can I now monitor progress remotely, but since data are always just a few clicks away, conversations with students and postdocs are more meaningful.

Communicate More Easily

Petter Brodin PhD.
Principal Investigator
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Labguru is a very efficient tool that is helping us keep track of reagents, orders, tubes, and also communicate more easily about the work being done. Being a clinician, dividing my time between the lab and the hospital, Labguru helps me provide feedback to my team members more easily even when I'm not present in the lab.

Praise for Labguru's Customer Service

Tammy Morrish PhD.
Quoted in Science (25 July 2014)
University of Toledo, USA
Morrish praises Labguru's customer service and says the system is a huge timesaver. It streamlines ordering by putting product numbers, vendors, and current orders in one place, she says. Labguru holds her laboratory's mouse records with full genotypes, and plasmid information including maps. Morrish says the system is particularly helpful for locating items.

Lab's Knowledge All in One Place

Prof. Marc Spehr, PhD.
Principal Investigator
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Labguru helped the lab as a group, and each member of the lab a lot, but for me as a PI especially it's a big help because I can keep better track of the individual projects that are running in the lab. I can oversee projects and their progress, and I can keep in touch with everyone even if i'm not in the lab.

Nothing Gets Lost - Neither Data Nor Ideas

Anat Ben-Zvi, PhD.
Principal Investigator
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
I personally see only advantages in this system...It helps arrange your thoughts and aims, and to see the micro world of your current experiment within the macro world of writing the paper.

An Everyday Tool for the Scientist

Eli Lewis
Senior Lecturer
Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
If I read a relevant paper, I simply append it to the project and don't have to think about how best to keep it alongside the experiments without excessive filing and file names.
We never used to be so well-planned - even though we do tend to be organized, Labguru forced us to think a bit more regarding the organizational and communicative side of the projects!

Project Management Capabilities have Tremendous Appeal

Rohan Teasdale
Associate Professor
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
The University of Queensland
Overall, Labguru makes the lab more organized, improves student research processes, saves time and reduces costs. My Labguru account is definitely money well spent.

Write and Publish Quicker

Adi Salzberg
Associate Professor
Institute of Technology
Students who use it regularly to summarize and organize their experiments are much better prepared when it comes to writing their thesis. The daily investment is an excellent use of their time and they write their thesis much more quickly. They make my life easier because I'm not seeing figures for the first time and I've already corrected much of their writing.
Furthermore, we never lose information when the student leaves; the records of all plasmids and antibodies and experiments are organized for the existing and next generation of students.

Access the whole lab from far at any given time

Kim Præbel
PostDoc and Lab Manager
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, University of Tromsø
Each sample is kept together with all its relevant information and linked to relevant projects.

Access the whole lab from far at any given time

Yoram Altschuler PhD.
Chief Science Officer (CSO)
NovellusDx Ltd.
Labguru is both a great replacement for the traditional lab notebook and a novel tool for company management and communication.

Streamline Materials Ordering

Tal Yehuda
PhD, Lab Manager
Tel Aviv University
It saves a lot of time for PIs who can view and comment on projects results at their convenience, instead of arranging to meet with each student...Labguru's research management system makes communication between students as well as between each student and the PI much easier.

Streamline Materials Ordering

Nir Sadeh
PhD Student and Lab Manager
Hebrew University
of Jerusalem
Labguru greatly improved our day-to-day life in the lab. Over the 4 years we have been using it our orders of all materials became highly efficient and organized.

Improve Teamwork and Communication

Dan Davidi
MSc Student
Ehud Gazit's Lab
Tel Aviv University
I am using the storage module for arranging my freezer boxes, my tubes and samples of primers for example. Not long ago I was out of the country. I have 2 undergraduate students working with me, who were in the lab at the time, and needed to find certain tubes of primers to perform a reaction. They did not need me to be there, they simply looked the tubes up in...the system and found them. That way the system helped us create a small team within the lab that could communicate and manage its research efficiently, allowing the project to continue in an efficient work flow, even though I wasn’t there at all.

Share Knowledge and Results

Pablo Kizelsztein PhD.
Research Associate
Membrane and Liposome Research Lab
Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School
Labguru is an excellent tool that enables researchers and staff to have almost complete control over daily activities in the lab, without the necessity of being physically present. Since we've been using Labguru it is much easier to follow the achievements of all the members of the lab in what it concerns to the different research projects. One of the main advantages of Labguru is that once it is implemented in the lab it can save time and money, both critical aspects in today’s research.

Enhance Student-PI Collaboration

Meidan Goldfinger
Ph.D student
School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
With Labguru it’s much easier to coordinate with my PI: I upload everything to Labguru and I tag every experiment so he can see my results before we meet. I plan my experiments on weekly and monthly basis, my PI can view my experiment plan and send me his comments prior to the experiment, enabling me to save a lot of time and avoid mistakes. I wish I had Labguru when I started my thesis - it would have saved me so much time and frustration.