Meet the People Behind Labguru - Shoham Zuntz, Senior Customer Success Manager



Jun 2024

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With a bachelor's degree and a Master's in Marine Biology, our Customer Success Manager, Shoham Zuntz admits that upon graduation, he didn’t envisage working for a leading software developer. He explains how his career path brought him to Labguru and why he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Scientific background

“Like most of us at Labguru, I come from a scientific background,” Shoham explains. “My master's research was centered on devising a practical solution to enhance sperm motility in flat fish. For this purpose, I developed a recombinant protein that triggers sperm activation and boosts fertilization rates.” 
Now, Shoham uses his scientific knowledge to help him understand the challenges that Labguru customers face and helps them use Labguru’s products to improve their lab operations. 
“As a Customer Success Manager (CSM), my role revolves around ensuring a seamless experience for customers throughout their journey with our product. I help them make the most of Labguru's offering and get maximal use out of the product.

Ensuring customer success 

Shoham believes that the secret to success in both his role and for his customers is “excellent communication”. He explains: “Building strong relationships is paramount as I maintain open lines of communication, actively listening to their needs and concerns. In essence, the CS team at Labguru serves as a linchpin in fostering both internal collaboration and external success. Our dedication to customer-centricity and excellence in service not only enhances the customer experience but also contributes to the overall growth and reputation of the company."

Problem-solving and shared benefits

When a client asked Shoham for help managing his project costs, Shoham facilitated the creation of a new dashboard that would display all of his project management costs. Shoham explains: “The client needed to consolidate costs and the new dashboard view meant that he could easily evaluate all the expenses from a specific project, whether it was all the reagents used, all the equipment utilized, or all the staff time invested.” This dashboard format is now available for other clients to add and tailor to their needs via the Labguru repository meaning that others can also benefit from the technology.  

Delving into the data

Shoham explains that his scientific background comes to the fore when he assesses his client accounts to look for opportunities to optimize lab management set-up and processes. “I am constantly analyzing the data to identify usage patterns and opportunities for optimization. By creating training materials and resources, I empower clients to maximize their experience. Collaboration with other teams ensures a holistic approach to client success while gathering customer feedback enables continuous improvement and innovation.”
While Shoham enjoys the day-to-day elements of his job, he admits that it’s the people that make the company. “For me, the most fulfilling aspect is collaborating with an incredible team. In the CS team, we're all like-minded scientists who've made the transition from the lab to software. Across the entire company, I'm surrounded by truly exceptional individuals.”

Creating meaningful impact

So, why does Shoham love working at Labguru? “It offers a blend of exceptional qualities,” he says.  “It's a place where innovative and impactful work thrives, as we contribute to cutting-edge solutions. The collaborative environment fosters teamwork and shared expertise, while abundant learning and growth opportunities empower us to evolve. Also, Labguru's inclusive and diverse culture embraces individuality, and flexible work options promote a healthy work-life balance.”



"Outside of work, I'm a big believer in sustainability. I live on a 2.5-acre farm where I'm always working on cool new projects to make the farm more sustainable. I just finished building a chicken coop, and I'm currently setting up beehives and growing an organic garden. With each new project, I use leftovers from previous ones as fuel for the next – it's a fun challenge! For example, leftover food becomes chicken feed or compost, and the chickens' wood shavings help enrich my garden's soil. It's all about finding creative ways to make a positive impact, both in my job and on the farm! I also love sports and cherish spending quality time with my wife and child."

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