How can CROs Benefit from Implementing an Electronic Lab Notebook

Zohar Erez, PhD

Zohar Erez, PhD

Electronic lab notebook for CROs


Jan 2021

As a contract research organization that provides services for different customers, maintaining high standards for all organization’s procedures, products and results is key. One way that can help CROs achieve these high standards is by using an electronic lab notebook.

The benefits of implementing a lab information system are clear. First and foremost is the standardization of processes. Having templates for procedures that all should follow, as well as having well-structured forms, ensures no information is missing and everyone performs the same procedure. This also allows unifying processes and procedures across different sites and provides clear business policy.

Centralizing data

Centralization of your data is another clear advantage. Reviewing all data in one place makes it much more efficient and effective. On the other hand, data security is also well maintained using an ELN since different information can be accessed by different users in the system depending on their privileges.

Maintaining data integrity with an Electronic Lab Notebook

Furthermore, having a research management system can increase data integrity. This can be done by having Audit trails tracking of all lab activities such as experiments documentation, sample management or instruments usage. To comply with GMP standards, documenting your information in an ELN where every change to the system is immediately logged and saved is highly advised. This ensures data integrity maintenance at the highest levels as everything is recorded and organized in the best manner possible. Furthermore, using an ELN enables you to easily find information on previous projects and test samples.

In addition, by using an Electronic Lab Notebook, data integrity can be established by ensuring all procedure parameters are met upfront, such as reagents expiration and equipment calibration. For example, instrument calibration is most important for maintaining instrument accuracy and essential for reproducible results. A lab information management system that combines its capabilities with a calibration management system provides a huge advantage for keeping the integrity of your data.

Equipment calibration

Equipment calibration

Increase Efficiency

For the sake of time-saving and increased efficiency, some Lab management tools also provide automation solutions. With these tools, you can automate processes that are otherwise would be manually performed, not only saving you time but also reduce human error and consequently maintain data integrity.
Having different tools integrated into one system in which you can manage and view every aspect of your research, such as managing your projects, documenting your scientific data, and managing your bio collections and instruments helps achieve much higher efficiency. Using an ELN also enables to manage technicians and instruments schedules, collect large datasets of information to get deeper insights
Finally, using an ELN enables the researchers to collect large datasets of information, resulting in the option to get deeper insights.


Easily connect customers’ projects with the experimental results, test samples, reagents and instruments used.

Having an ELN can also provide a clear connection between you and your customers, being able to easily share the experimental results, the samples, reagents and even instruments that were used in the relevant project. Furthermore, with an ELN, you can easily create reports combining data from various procedures, to share with your customers.

For achieving all of the abilities mentioned above, be sure to choose a system that integrates several solutions together such as ELN, LIMS and higher levels of information management capabilities such as informatics solutions, the ability to automate processes and derive insights from your data. This kind of tool with no doubt will contribute to higher efficiency, productivity and the maintenance of data integrity.

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