BioData Celebrates Successful Q1 Customer Growth

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May 2019

BioData reports a successful Q1 following further adoption of its flagship Electronic Lab Notebook product – Labguru

May 20, 2019, Cambridge, MA — BioData has reported a successful first quarter of partnerships with a range of new customers, following a growth in the adoption of its flagship product, Labguru Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). This secure, compliant, web-based ELN is trusted by over 20,000 users worldwide who rely on it to plan and document experiments, track progress, streamline lab logistics and seamlessly share results.

Demonstrating the success, four of the eighteen companies who have adopted the system in Q1 are Marker Therapeutics, Inc., SQZ Biotechnologies, Akouos and Carmentix.

Marker Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company specializing in the development of next-generation T cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of haematological malignancies and solid tumour indications. Its unique cell therapy platform is the first to successfully target multiple tumour-associated antigens simultaneously. With multiple studies already underway and many more planned, data will be easily stored and managed across the institute using Labguru, allowing smooth collaboration between all scientists.

Akouos is a precision genetic medicine company developing gene therapies to restore and preserve hearing. Developing targeted adeno-associated viral vector-based gene therapies for sensorineural hearing loss, its gene therapy platform can be leveraged to restore and preserve hearing in individuals with many forms of sensorineural hearing loss. The introduction of Labguru ELN will allow for greater collaboration between remote scientists aiding the development of research in to gene therapies.

SQZ Biotechnologies is developing cellular therapies for multiple indications using proprietary CellSqueeze® technology. Through internal research programs and external partnerships, SQZ’s unique cell engineering capabilities are being used to develop a new generation of cell therapies that will revolutionize the way we treat diseases.

Healthcare start-up company, Carmentix, is developing a novel biomarker prognostic panel aiming to reduce the incidence of preterm birth. With one in nine births globally being premature, Carmentix aims to reduce this number by establishing biomolecular tools that will alert clinicians to the risk of preterm birth weeks before symptoms occur. The functionality of Labguru’s cloud-based system means that individual team members can easily cross-check notes and managers can monitor experiments. This collaborative work makes setting and meeting research targets easier, reducing time spent logging data and allowing researchers to focus more on their work.

With all of these examples, it is clear that Labguru can have an immediate and significant positive impact on laboratory protocols. Steve Yemm, CEO at Labguru’s, BioData said, “We are delighted to have registered such positive results this quarter. The growth of our customer base is a testament to the great work our team are doing and we aim to continue delivering the best possible service in helping laboratories achieve their research goals. We are lucky to have such a fantastic and growing user base across the globe. We are looking forward to a bright future in which we continue to provide software tools and services to scientists, companies, and institutions to benefit research”.

The system enhances productivity by instantly recording and managing laboratory data and inventory all in one place. Users benefit from improved data quality, reduced time and costs, secure access via cloud-based systems anywhere in the world, and full regulatory compliance.

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