Labguru - The Best ELN for GxP Compliance

Malka Hoffmann

Malka Hoffmann

Labguru - The Best ELN for GxP Compliance


Jun 2021

GxP-oriented laboratories are expected to comply with specific guidelines that require all testing and manufacturing processes to be performed, monitored, recorded and reported in an organized and controlled manner. These guidelines are intended to ensure data integrity, product quality and safety.

If you’re searching for the best ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) to help you meet these requirements, Labguru has various features that might interest you:

Full Audit Trail

All entries and changes are recorded and time-stamped automatically so you can easily monitor actions in the ELN software and always know exactly who did what and when. Each audit trail entry provides useful information such as date, user, action, etc. 

Labguru Audit trail

Version History 

Another function that allows you to monitor data changes is the ‘Version history’ feature. Labguru saves a copy of your work every time a change is made to projects, experiments, protocols and documents. All versions are available in PDF format and appear in a list sorted by date so that you can recover all information recorded in your research software.

 Version History

Time-Stamped Locking of Experiments and Protocols

To ensure data integrity, an important aspect of GxP, all generated data must be legible, permanent and accurate. Labguru assures the integrity of your data by locking approved experiments, protocols and documents to prevent unreliable data insertion. This permanent lock of experiments/protocols is time-stamped and possible once the experiment/protocol is signed and witnessed. The first signature is performed by the experiment/protocol owner, and the witnessing (second signature) by a user with witnessing privileges (such as the PI, head of the lab, etc.).

Sign and witness

Recording Data In Real-Time

Recording data at the time the work is performed is important for assuring data integrity and reliability of results. Date and time stamps should be accurate to the order of execution and not backdated. Labguru allows you to mark steps in your protocol as “performed” as you move through your experiment and records. Each step you mark as “performed” will also be time-stamped to let you know exactly when it was done (like every other action in the system). 

Recording data real time

Actions are Attributable 

GxP guidelines state that all data generated or collected must be attributable to the person generating the data. Labguru captures every action executed by the user such as marking experiment steps as completed, adding attachments, signing protocols/experiments and more, so that each activity can be attributable to the person who performed it. 

attributable actions 1

attributable actions 2

Maintenance and Calibration

Maintenance and calibration of equipment are crucial for generating accurate, GxP oriented results. Labguru allows you to keep track of maintenance and calibration events so you will never have to worry about inadvertent use of uncalibrated or unmaintained instruments. Maintenance notifications appear in your dashboard and next to instruments on the equipment index page.

Gxp labguru 11

 Maintenance and calibration 2

Tracking Material Expiration  

Using unexpired materials is also crucial for generating accurate and reliable results. Labguru allows you to track expiration dates and prevent the use of expired materials.

Once a material has expired, a notification will appear on your dashboard.

Gxp labguru 10

Linking Experiments and Samples 

Documenting the information of materials and instruments used in experiments is important for tracing back to them when needed (during audits for example). Labguru allows you to select the exact sample used in each experiment, creating a link that lets users trace experiments back to the specific sample. 

GxP with Labguru 9

An All-In-One Solution - The Best ELN Choice For Your Lab

Labguru combines electronic lab notebook with inventory management, lab informatics, data analysis, automation and more, making it the best ELN solution for laboratories. Trusted by over 95,000 scientists over the world, Labguru is guaranteed to improve efficiency and organization in your lab, as well as simplifying data management and GxP compliance.

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