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Labguru Laboratory Informatics Software allows full integration of workflows, datasets, dashboard creation and more

One Unified Solution – ELN+ LIMS+ Lab Informatics

Labguru is specifically built for life science & pharmaceutical companies. Labguru offers a unified research data & operations management solution, integrating Laboratory Informatics software with the classic Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Lab Information Management System (LIMS).

The advantages of an integrated system are huge:

Easy to manage

Using various systems is hard to manage, creates architectural complexity and requires integration that is not always easy.

Using one system, with one code, one point of contact is one less headache. 

Maintain Data Integrity

Labguru informatics software facilitates reproducibility of your data by creating order and structure in work procedures.

Enhance productivity & efficiency

Automating processes by creating workflows decreases time loss, human errors and increases the ability to reach your goals faster. 

Do more science

One system for all, facilitates execution of more experiments, resulting in shorter time to market. 

Labguru Laboratory Informatics opens up a whole new world of easy to integrate solutions

Labguru Form Element 

The Form Element feature is part of Labguru ELN solution.  Form Element enables to design a uniformed or structured protocol, adjusted to company-specific needs and desired results.

  • Design the steps and the input required and lock it so work in predefined boundaries
  • Set clear working procedures that need to be followed
  • Design fields according to your needs
  • Pre-define what is an out of range result and save you time later when analyzing
  • Get alerts when fields were not filled out properly
  • Control “Sign experiments” abilities to ensure full data capturing
  • Shorten data transition to analysis by linking between the form data to the relevant dataset
Form element

labguru Form Element

Labguru Workflow Editor
  • Easily design and run automated workflows with triggering events, actionable steps and notification, to quickly automate routine as well as any manual Lab workflow.
  • Turn unstructured data into a structured format; 
  • Routinely gather data from multiple external sources into a customized report Alert and 
  • Notify management of overdue experiments 
Workflow Editor

The Labguru Workflow Editor is an interoperable solution, part of Labguru laboratory informatics solution, that allows life science customers to customize and automate a series of actions and events that happen in their lab.


Developing a carefully designed automated data pipeline will allow consolidation of data from multiple data sources and provide your lab with reliable well-structured datasets for analytics.

  • Connect between the results of your experiments to the actual samples (items) that were used and get all the data into one format so it will be easier to see and analyze it. 
  • Perform searches based on the data and group together desired results from different origins to assist you with analysis.
Labguru Dashboards – Critical for data-driven labs

The more data collected in labs, the more challenging it is to extract results, through the gigantic amounts of data, important patterns, interesting new angles, repetitive events, bottlenecks, centres of inefficiencies. Given the right data tools, such insights could lead to more efficient, cost-effective lab work that leads to greater research.

Labguru Dashboards add-on provides labs with easily customizable data tools to shed light over those insights. You could simply enjoy out of the box reports and dashboards, create your own or share with fellow researchers.

Labguru Dashboards, enables you to create and present visualized reports based on pre-designed SQL queries. Labguru Dashboards allows data accumulation in one place, helping researchers make data-driven decisions, shorten research processes, and in return increase efficiency and decrease time lose.

Labguru Dashboards

Labguru Dashboards can be presented within Labguru informatics software or separately on a wall screen, enabling research teams to see the big picture and make data-driven decisions. Combined with other Labguru informatics solutions such as the Workflow Editor, and the Datasets module, Labguru users can easily process their accumulated data to get more insights.

Labguru API

Using APIs in your lab encourages innovation enabling researchers exposure to a vast amount of accumulated data which in return can be easily accessed and manipulated to get faster and more endeavoured results.

  • Reduce risks and increase data accuracy and reproducibility by implementing APIs, obtaining data integrity
  • Easily integrate various systems without the need to go into the software development of each system
  • Automatically build, deploy and scale various actions that regularly require manual mundane work.
  • Expand your ELN with additional software integrations creating an agile robust system
Labguru API

An API and ELN integration enables you to:

  • Import and export data in and out of Labguru – Create new entities or update existing ones, upload files, export data and pages, generate reports and more.
  • Data acquisition from lab instruments – Easily connect various lab instruments and automatically upload the data to Labguru.
  • Connect to third party databases and catalogues – Enjoy a wealth of catalogue items in your Labguru account.
  • Automation – Automate lab processes, seamlessly centralize and standardize your data, and adapt your lab to the latest and most advanced technologies available to life science companies.
  • Analysis – Bioinformaticians and data scientists can use Labguru’s API to extract experimental data collected and documented by the lab’s scientists, analyze it and push the analysis results back to Labguru

Labguru Informatics software is the ultimate solution for the multiplex needs of life science and pharma companies, striving to shorten their product time to market. By offering a multi-layered solution, comprised of an ELN, LIMS and Lab Informatics- Labguru is the number one choice.

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