New graph element

I’m excited to show off our new exciting graph element! 🎉

In the past few months, I focused a lot on the way our users process their data in Labguru ELN. After adding our unique dataset module, I knew that the next step must be visualizing the data. We have received dozens of requests to represent the data from the experiment as a graph. In the past, users who wanted to add a graph to the experiment page had to go through a relatively inconvenient process of juggling in-and-out of the Labguru app. This was very time-consuming. Our goal is to make your research more efficient so I had to change it. With the new graph element, you can choose to represent your data in many different types of graphs, for example; a scatter chart with a trendline, a column chart which can be represented as stacks, and more. I recommend all our users to go and try it out. If you are experienced with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, its use will be very familiar.

You can watch a short demo here:



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