Meet the People Behind Labguru — Rami Zajicek, Data Scientist

Rami Zajicek, Data Scientist


May 2024


Tell us about your background.

My journey to the life sciences actually began with a law degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. From there, I completed an MBA from the University of Chicago. I got my first taste of the world of sciences in a management role at a pharmaceutical company, before moving into a similar role in a company producing medical devices.

My true passion lies in using software, algorithms, and AI to produce wonderful software that helps humans (our clients!) on the other side. In my previous life, I was CEO of a software startup that EMC acquired.

Why did you choose to work at a research software company?

Many reasons. Firstly, the company's dedication to innovation, especially in AI and machine learning, impressed me as someone with a large background in this area.

I was also attracted to the wonderful culture here – cooperation, support, and camaraderie. The organization values information, promotes innovation, and sees employees as integral to its success. Many companies say these things, but few actually show you! 

But most of all, it’s about the people I spend every day with. Labguru is filled with smart, talented individuals, making it a fun place to work. Having been around for a while, I recognize how rare and important these things are.

What is your role at Labguru?

I’m in our data science team. I tackle projects involving a range of technologies including machine learning, statistics, linear programming, LLMs, and more recently, AI agents (watch this space!).

In a rapidly evolving field, our team’s job is to continuously learn, innovate, and stay up to date with the latest advancements in data and AI.

Recently, I had the opportunity to further my education in AI, which led me to explore the idea of AI agents. We are now integrating these agents into our work. Other projects I’ve worked on involve utilizing statistical tools, time series, and machine learning to enhance our customers' capabilities in managing inventory, ongoing orders, and supplier performance. 

Lastly, I’m involved in a project that uses LLMs to integrate and structure customers’ information and knowledge into the Labguru application. In other words, lots going on!

What is your favorite thing about your work?

Internally, I appreciate the complex analytical challenges we tackle. They feel like solving logical puzzles and get the brain's gears turning. 

Externally, I love talking to our customers, witnessing how our solutions improve efficiency and effectiveness, and working together to develop solutions that serve them best.

Tell me about a challenge you faced recently at work.

I recently enhanced our QC scheduling solution by adding the capability to manage the campaigning of samples. To do this, I had to develop an algorithm capable of grouping samples based on their arrival and due dates, calculating the processing time for each group, and scheduling the campaign efficiently – quite the challenge! The process involved dedicating time solely devoted to analytical thinking, without any coding, as I focused on integrating this feature into the mathematical model.

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Who are you outside of work?

Outside of work, I lead a pretty active lifestyle. I love running, working out at the gym, and doing multi-day hikes with my wife, family, and friends. Additionally, I am a member of a local choir.

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