Labguru integrates with Geneious Prime for greater research efficiency

Gal Haase

Gal Haase


Aug 2022

At Labguru, we make it a priority to listen to the needs of the 100,000+ Labgurians out there (in big pharma, small startups, and academia all over the world), and then create solutions.

Today we are happy to announce another fulfillment of our users’ requests – allowing smooth integration of data between Geneious Prime and Labguru.

Labguru Geneious Prime

We believe that all relevant research data sources should be easily connected to allow scientists using Labguru to conduct the smoothest, most efficient research. Enabling seamless data flow with Geneious Prime is another step in this long and important journey.

Labguru users who are into DNA design, sequencing, and analysis can now stream sequence data between Labguru and Geneious Prime (and vice versa) using Geneious’ Open plugin architecture and Labguru’s Open approach and architecture.

Streamlining sequence analysis and editing while simultaneously tracking and managing relevant stocks in one centralized system is now a reality.

Labgurians can now easily:

  1. Automatically upload plasmid sequence data from Geneious Prime to corresponding files in Labguru for increased efficiency. 
  2. Design streamlined processes and integrate routine calculations, enhancing their ability to define a seamless custom connection that can be tailored to any use case in R&D labs (using Labguru Automation).

Some of the straightforward advantages of the integration include:

  • Synching Geneious Plasmid / Primer / Raw Sequence files with a Labguru account to create one central database (learn more about our internal sequence module here).
  • Integrating and linking sequences into experiments and stocks to ensure the capture of the full experimental record (learn more about our sample element here).
  • Storing sequence data within the context of a project or experiment, clarifying who generated it and when.
  • Defining workflows to ensure data is exactly where it is needed and structured correctly (learn more about our automation capabilities here). 

Labguru is committed to rendering the data manipulations scientists are required to perform to overcome data silos and solve cross-platform issues obsolete. No more unnecessary copying, transferring and transcribing data. No more human errors associated with manual transfers, and no data is accidentally altered, lost in transcription, or forgotten when researchers quit or graduate, enabling the creation of an accessible, comprehensive trove of data.

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