Boosting Lab Workflows in Drug Discovery with Automation Tools



Nov 2023

Drug discovery is fast-paced and competitive, so companies must find ways to expedite this without compromising safety and efficacy. Our latest blog post demonstrates how Labguru's automation tool - The Workflow Editor - can help by streamlining your drug discovery processes and enhancing lab workflow..


Researchers and scientists know that even small efficiency gains can make a monumental difference in the race to develop groundbreaking therapies. However, they often face delays caused by inefficient workflows and processes caused by the limitations of their tools and methodologies.


Many researchers won’t be surprised to hear that many laboratories still run on Excel-based systems. While these systems may have proved reliable in the past, their inadequacies are glaringly apparent when confronted with the escalating complexities of modern research.

Excel-Based System Limitations

For example, many researchers encounter hurdles when dealing with extensive data files generated from intricate experiments, particularly those spanning multiple days. They struggle to manage and consolidate this voluminous data within the confines of an Excel spreadsheet which in turn hampers the seamless flow of research activities. Attempts to construct linear curve graphs are unsuccessful and they are unable to easily glean meaningful insights from the amassed data.


Manual Processes and Time Constraints

While human input is invaluable in the scientific process, relying on manual data processing and calculations, which is often required if using Excel-based systems, takes time and creates susceptibility to errors. This not only impedes the pace of research but also compromises the accuracy and reliability of the data generated.


Fragmented Data and Its Ramifications

Further exacerbating progress, is the prevalence of fragmented data, a consequence of the lack of a unified dataset. A cohesive data structure is necessary for the analysis and decision-making processes. Yet, researchers are often faced with the daunting task of reconciling disparate pieces of information, making it hard to maintain consistency and accuracy across their research.


Labguru's Workflow Editor 

In light of these challenges, it’s clear that researchers must seek alternative solutions for managing lab workflow and Labguru's Workflow Editor holds the answer. This powerful tool is designed to automate various tasks, ranging from data processing to intricate IC50 calculations, revolutionizing the way drug discovery and lab workflows are executed.

Automating Data Processing 

The Workflow Editor automation can bring significant benefits. For example, it can automate cell lineage tracking, significantly reducing the time spent on manual documentation. It streamlines processes by creating structured protocols, enhancing precision within the research lab workflow.


The automation of IC50 calculations is a significant benefit. Determining the half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) is critical to evaluating a drug's potency. Traditionally, researchers would spend considerable time manually crunching numbers, delaying crucial IC50 results. Labguru's Workflow Editor eradicates this bottleneck, enabling researchers to obtain accurate IC50 results in a fraction of the time.

The Power of a Unified Dataset

There are many examples of where researchers have utilized the automation features of The Workflow Editor, one notable case being Dodge Industrial. Its ability to provide a unified data set in which all research data is seamlessly integrated and easily accessible in one centralized platform makes it incredibly powerful. It eliminates the tedious task of reconciling fragmented data, and second, it provides researchers with a comprehensive view, fostering efficient data analysis and informed decision-making.


Don't let outdated systems and manual processes hold back your research – start accelerating your drug discovery projects with Labguru's Workflow Editor today. 


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