Accelerate your Productivity with Research Laboratory Management Systems

Gila Itzkovich, M.Sc

Gila Itzkovich, M.Sc

Accelerate productivity with research laboratory management systems


Dec 2020

Getting There Faster

As the year 2020 comes to an end, we can be certain this year will be remembered as the year COVID-19 shut down the world. However, another development occurred as a result of the pandemic: the need for accelerated research. The COVID crisis kickstarted a global race toward approvable medication, vaccines and diagnostic tools, all fueled by the urgent need to overcome catastrophe.

The ability to accommodate expedited research and the ensuing influx of information gathered requires adequate research laboratory management. The days of paper documentation have long given way to ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), paving the future of data management and integrity. However, in today’s climate, with the speed at which laboratories may be expected to deliver results, there is a growing need for software capable of conducting the desired analyses, faster than humanly possible.

Research Laboratory Management, ELN: quality and speed

Speed and quality often do not go hand-in-hand, often hindered by human capacity. Many lab error investigations point toward human error, due to pressure, fatigue, or a combination of human parameters. While human touch is not easily replaced in laboratory environments, it is time for lab management systems and ELN to shine. Research laboratory management systems will help the research community attain both easy data reporting and in-depth analysis, tailored to your facility and to the needs of both lab staff and management.

Organize Your Lab with Labguru

One of the biggest challenges in running any laboratory is maintaining order: in management of both inventory and data reporting. Furthermore, in a research and development laboratory, these parameters are an even bigger challenge with the need for flexibility due to a varying routine, and changing needs, tied to changing projects and goals. A QC lab will more easily attain data on reagent consumption per month, but an R&D lab will have more difficulty calculating supplies management, constantly trying to reach the perfect balance between maintaining enough material vs. expiring consumables sitting on the shelf. Labguru research lab management is designed to monitor material consumption habits and will provide insight into cost-effective inventory management.


In addition to inventory management, data reporting and analysis are top priority in any lab. This task is a challenge not only due to the time it takes to document events in a lab notebook but is also a hazard to uniformity and communication between personnel. With a centralized electronic lab management system, data reporting is easily done in real-time, using uniform, tailor-made templates. This allows for more robust documentation and provides easy access to data analysis, saving precious time for all involved.

In summary, Labguru is designed to centralize all of the laboratory’s general needs and is adaptable to match the specific needs of your facility and personnel. With easy and uniform real-time reporting of inventory or research data, lab managers will save precious time in assembly and analysis of data, paving the road to faster-paced research.

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