What’s Changed in 2023 - A Year of Innovation at Labguru


Dec 2023

The New Year is traditionally a time of reflection when we look back at what we have achieved and look forward to what lies ahead. In our last blog of the year, we take a moment to celebrate what we have collectively achieved at Labguru throughout 2023. 

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, from enhancing user experience to introducing new functionalities. 2023 has been a year filled with upgrades and feature launches that have reshaped the landscape of Labguru.


  1. Work Requests - Optimizing Team Collaboration and Efficiency
    At the top of the list for new feature releases is the launch of our Request Module in August. Crafted to streamline communication within teams and across departments, it simplifies request monitoring and progress tracking. It includes a Request Template feature, so users can create personalized requests and update them as needed, enabling standardized procedures for improved efficiency. 
    In using the Request Template feature, users will find communication is significantly enhanced, with timely notifications and transparent request statuses now available. The module's streamlined overview ensures everyone stays informed and accountable by centralizing related documents, conversations, and attachments. It also enables filtering and sorting by teams, priority, due date, and more, meaning that team members, leaders, and relevant stakeholders have tailored visibility according to their particular needs which results in more efficient daily operations.
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  2. Widgets - Bringing You Seamless Integrations
    The introduction of Widgets to Labguru in 2023 marked a significant enhancement in its versatility, offering users unmatched flexibility by seamlessly integrating internal applications or external database information directly into Labguru. Widgets operate by utilizing iframes, allowing users to display external content within Labguru, such as data, charts, or content from different applications or databases, and integrate them seamlessly into Labguru pages. This feature gives users control over the placement and relevance of the content, linking it to specific experiments, projects, or inventory items. Key highlights include the centralization of multiple HTML content, saving time in implementing various tools and data sources, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies embedding custom apps (like sequence pipelines or inventory tracking) or data from other services within Labguru. Ultimately, Widgets open doors to unparalleled customization and data accessibility, empowering Labguru users to curate a workspace that truly fits their unique workflows and enhances productivity.
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  3. Labhandy - Labguru On The Go
    A significant achievement for our team, and a major highlight for our customers, was the launch of Labhandy. This epitomizes innovation by combining a robust web application with a complementary mobile app, expanding its functionalities for an optimized research experience. These meticulously curated features seamlessly translate to mobile devices, providing a competitive edge and enriching the research journey.
    Labhandy is a versatile tool empowering R&D labs with the transformative potential of Labguru. The mobile app, in synergy with the web platform, augments its capabilities, offering a suite of features tailored to enhance and streamline research operations.
    From tracking samples and executing bulk actions to scanning various barcodes and executing structured protocols, Labhandy simplifies tasks across remote or challenging locations. Users benefit from effortless uploads of images and data to their accounts and experiments, while the ability to digitize handwritten table data further amplifies research efficiency and accessibility. With its comprehensive range of functionalities, Labhandy is poised to redefine and elevate the standards of research management across diverse scientific landscapes.
  4. Avantor IM Integration - Streamlining your Inventory Management
    In May, Labguru entered into a partnership with Avantor's Inventory Manager resulting in the development of an integrated solution that streamlines and enhances lab inventory management. This collaboration allows users to directly access Avantor's extensive e-commerce channel from Labguru, thereby simplifying the procurement process. Avantor's Inventory Manager offers a diverse range of high quality products to meet various lab needs. The integration includes a real-time reporting feature, enabling users to stay current with their lab's inventory levels. Additionally, the customized on-demand replenishment feature ensures that labs never face shortages of essential consumables. This partnership is already providing a more efficient and seamless approach to lab inventory management, ultimately benefiting users with a comprehensive solution.
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  5. Custom Signature Flow - Efficiently Manage Your Signature Process
    We knew that the efficient management of signature processes was a challenge for many customers and so we responded by developing our Custom Signature Flow. This is a pivotal tool for tailoring signature processes according to project-specific needs, ensuring alignment with project requirements. These signature flows extend across the entirety of a project's experiments, maintaining consistency and coherence in the signatory procedures. As the signing steps advance, the system automatically notifies the pertinent signers, ensuring that relevant individuals stay informed and engaged throughout the progression of the signature process.
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  6. Reason for Change - increasing data integrity, compliance and transparency
    We introduced a Reason for Change feature to support users in maintaining data integrity, safeguarding compliance, and ensuring transparency. It facilitates the meticulous documentation of reasons behind alterations to experimental data within forms, as per 21CFR#11 regulations, and supports the ALCOA+ Principles. It bolsters data integrity and compliance by seamlessly integrating with Labguru's Form Element at the protocol level, accurately documenting changes made in experiments. Admins can customize and manage reasons available to users, enabling either pre-defined selections or free-text explanations for changes, thereby enhancing flexibility. Overall, this feature empowers organizations and labs to maintain data integrity, meet regulatory standards, and foster transparency by offering real-time documentation capabilities aligned with best practices and organizational needs.
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  7. Custom reports for processes 
    A worthy mention in our round-up of achievements is the introduction of custom reports within the eBR (Electronic Batch Record) module.  Users can now craft personalized report templates tied to each process defined for generating batch records. This means they can generate customized reports summarizing batch activities, materials, experimental results (and more), based on the specific set of requirements of each production process. The highly flexible report creation tool allows users to tailor reports precisely to their needs, organizing information in the desired structure and format. Users can effortlessly view or download these detailed reports (available in PDF or Docx format) directly from the eBR's batch page, ensuring easy access to crucial insights for each batch


Honorable Mentions

Alongside these major launches and upgrades, there have been a host of smaller feature upgrades that bring significant enhancements to our users. 


  1. Bulk Uploads with InChi Identifiers
    Among the latest enhancements is the ability to perform bulk uploads of chemical structures into Labguru Compounds inventory using InChi identifiers. This new addition complements the existing option to bulk upload compounds using SMILES, offering users increased flexibility in seamlessly uploading large batches of compounds into the system.

  2. Easyedit2 Integration for Effortless File Management
    Introducing Easyedit2, a desktop client app that consolidates the functionalities of the UpFolder and EasyEdit apps.
    This integration enhances users' capabilities to upload, synchronize, view, and edit files directly from their local hard drives.

  3. Expanded Samples Basket Functionality for Streamlined Workflows
    We've expanded the functionality of the popular Samples Basket feature, allowing users to now integrate the basket into existing experiments. This upgrade significantly streamlines the process of adding and connecting stocks and items to ELN pages.

  4. Flexible Parent-Derivative Connections in Inventory Collections
    Responding to user requests, we've expanded the capability to create parent-derivative connections within inventory collections. Now, it's possible to link multiple parents from the same collection to a specific derived item, providing greater flexibility and control.

  5. Selective Copying for Enhanced Efficiency
    Lastly, we've enriched the options for copying ELN data from one page to another. Users can now selectively choose specific experiment sections and copy them into other experiments or duplicate them in the same experiment. This enhancement aligns with Labguru’s commitment to efficiency, allowing users to avoid redundant work by reusing previously created components.

As you can see, 2023 has been a busy year for the Labguru team as we work with our customers to innovate and progress. The features we've introduced this year to enhance our product are not just advancements; they represent our commitment to empowering our users with tools that simplify workflows, elevate efficiency, and foster creativity. We are already looking ahead and planning further features, enhancements, and upgrades to meet the growing needs of our users and to keep pace as science advances at pace. We look forward to bringing you even more exciting features in 2024!


To learn more about any of the features or functionality mentioned, contact our team. 

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