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Tips & Tricks for Streamlining Biotech Research

Conducting and managing a biotech company’s activities is a complex feat of collaboration subject to countless regulatory requirements. In this webinar, you will learn how to streamline your day-to-day research operations and avoid delays resulting in a slower time to market. 

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Bioprocessing webinar 6.4.22

Taking Data-Driven Bioprocessing Operations to the next level

Learn how to manage all aspects of your bioprocessing operations

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Inventory Webinar Labguru

Optimizing Inventory Management with Labguru

Learn how to make the most out of Labguru's inventory and storage modules and create an organized and efficient lab.

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Getting started with labguru cover

Getting Started With Labguru

Ensure a smooth onboarding and lay the foundation for efficient research and lab management by learning the best practices for starting out with Labguru.

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smart lab 1310

Setting up Your Smart Lab

Learn how to structure your data for AI and predictive analysis, get insights and BI, automate processes, streamline your entire lab operation and maximize your lab efficiency.

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NGS Webinar Featured Image

Simplify NGS Workflows Using a Cloud-Based Platform

Learn how to simplify NGS processes, increase efficiency and save time in your lab with Labguru's documentation,  automation and analysis tools.

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Cannabis webinar cover

Creating a High-Throughput Drug Discovery Cannabis Lab

Learn best practices on how to create an efficient and compliant lab for cannabis research: organize and track your collections, create high-throughput pipelines, and centralize your information in an informatics-ready database.

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structured data webinar 16.11.21

Structure Your Data

Learn to create protocols with form elements to structure your experiments and incorporate experimental data into the database. Make your data organized, reproducible and informatics-ready.

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GxP Webinar

Supporting GxP Laboratory Practices with Labguru

Learn all the steps to creating a fully compliant research workflow using Labguru's various GxP compliance features.

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Streamlining CRO Workflows using Labguru

Learn how to manage all aspects of your contract service work in Labguru in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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