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With Labguru, you can transition to a digital environment quickly and easily. Build a foundation for data integrity & ensure regulatory compliance from the start, increase productivity and avoid human errors. Labguru helps you create an organizational system that will protect your IP and save you time and effort in the long run.

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Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Organize lab notebook entries, protocols, and SOPs
  • Create templates for easy use and data capture
  • Compare and structure results using datasets & reports
  • Upload any file format to preserve context
  • Make edits and annotate images to capture the full picture
  • Manage projects and set goals

Inventory and Equipment

  • Keep track of storage locations 
  • Digitize your lab's shopping list and avoid duplicate orders
  • Receive notifications on stocks that are running low or expired
  • Connect samples and stocks directly to your experiments 
  • Schedule equipment sessions
  • Manage calibration schedules and sync data files


Teamwork & Communication

  • Write comments on any page to keep discussions in context
  • Write messages to your lab using whiteboards
  • Create shared experiments and use internal chat and video calls for real-time collaboration
  • Assign tasks and connect them to relevant pages
  • Share project information with internal or external collaborators


  • Automate lab management tasks and free your team to focus on innovation
  • Automate data processing routines easily with step-by-step workflows for a seamless lab experience
  • Save time on repetitive tasks and calculations and achieve milestones faster
  • Eliminate human error and ensure data integrity

Best Value for Startups

  • Enjoy subscription discounts - we know you're on a budget!
  • Gain the flexibility your lab needs to grow without additional payments in your first year
  • Your data is always yours - no additional fees for exporting, creating backups, or moving
Best Value for Startups
Your Work - Always Yours, Always Secure

Your Work - Always Yours, Always Secure

Labguru is a cloud-based service, accessible anywhere, anytime - whether you are at home, in a new lab, or on vacation. Labguru is ISO 27001 certified, and leverages 2048-bit SSL certificate exchange and 256 bit data encryption. Your data is automatically backed up daily to multiple remote servers.

"I would absolutely recommend Labguru to startups! The features are great and I love the setup, but most importantly, the customer service has been amazing! We always get such quick, helpful and friendly responses. And getting immediate help and saving time is what really matters."


Yasmin Chau

Principal Scientist at Double Rainbow


Get our Team of Science PhDs Working for You

Our Application Scientists team of PhDs are just a click away. They have seen it all, working with pharma and bio companies of all sizes, and are ready to assist you. Any user can simply click on the chat box within a Labguru account to start a conversation, at any time.

Generate More Insights With Our Advanced Tools (Available on Labguru Pro)

  • large data files to the cloud
  • BI Tools & Dashboards - Visualize data by creating custom reports or building your own SQL queries
  • API & Interoperability - Integrate with external systems
  • Workflow Editor - Automate routine manual processes with step-by-step workflows that are triggered by actions or events in the system. Labs can also easily run code (such as Python and Ruby) whenever necessary.
  • LabelWizard - Print labels with barcodes/QR-codes for inventory and instruments to help with traceability as well as useability.
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Are you ready to take your startup to the next level?

If you’re a startup looking to get a head start with proper data management, security and integrity, Labguru is the perfect solution for you. We are here to help you grow, as Labguru allows labs to move to a private or validated instance as GxP needs are established. Our support team is also here to help you implement Labguru and allow your team to easily customize the system to your lab’s specific needs.

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