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Groundbreaking research deserves cutting-edge software.

Labguru provides academic laboratories with state-of-the-art technology, combining all research and lab management needs within one intuitive and user-friendly platform. Labguru is dedicated to simplifying researchers’ lives and allowing them to focus on science.

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Labguru — The All-in-One Solution for Research


Labguru functions as a central database of samples, easily accessible to all lab members at all times and from any device connected to the internet.

      • Stay up to date with your team’s progress
      • Save time and money
      • Ensure continuity over years of research and change of personnel
      • Structure, organize, and protect your information
      • Ensure data integrity for papers and audits

“Labguru lets me keep an eye on what people are doing, stay involved in their research. I can easily get key pieces of information from people’s data just by accessing their digital notes in Labguru. Having all of our group’s research at my fingertips has been a lifesaver for preparing manuscripts, reports, and presentations.”

- Brian Kvitko, assistant professor at the University of Georgia, in the Department of Plant Pathology. 

Enjoy Software Tailored for Researchers and Students

Labguru’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, created by scientists for scientists. Labguru offers the structure needed for data organization, searchability, and accessibility so that you don’t need to build your foundation from scratch — and yet is flexible and customizable to your lab’s specific needs. You’ll have an easy time onboarding new students and catching them up with your projects.

Labguru’s support team is made up of science PhDs who understand your work and are happy to help you with anything you need, from implementation to customizing specific collections and processes.

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Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Reduce Lab Costs

  • Organize your storage
  • Track samples and supplies
  • Manage equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Schedule equipment sessions in your lab or in the scientific equipment center
  • Run analysis queries directly from Labguru and create visualized reports
  • Create automated workflows to replace repetitive manual tasks
  • Share assets and collections across departments and labs to prevent duplicates
  • Centralize your shopping list and prevent duplicate orders
  • Track supply quantities and expiration dates
  • Use Labguru Dashboards to receive inventory and project insights and make smarter purchasing decisions
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Laura Ewing

“Labguru makes inventory control and ordering much easier, especially when there are multiple people in the lab. Being able to link materials and recipes to protocols makes it much easier to prepare required items for an experiment.”

-Laura Ewing, Lab Manager and Research Assistant in Professor Peterson’s research lab, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. 

Ensure Research Continuity 

Academic research can span years, and often involves a frequent change of team members, with students arriving and leaving. Labguru provides the tools for ensuring continuity under these conditions:

      • Create a central database for training materials, protocols, SOPs, permit documents, and more
      • Utilize the structured ELN entry format to ensure tidy note-taking and record-keeping, as well as teach lab techniques to newcomers
      • Organize information using projects and folders
      • Easily search past records
      • Keep your information safe — read more about our security measures here

Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

Labguru is built to support teamwork, even in times of physical separation, allowing users to access their information anywhere, anytime, and communicate easily within the system:

      • Assign roles to lab members and divide into teams
      • Create shared experiments and work together
      • Comment and discuss on any item in the system
      • Assign tasks and schedule events
      • Use internal chat and video chat options to keep conversations tied to the context within specific projects
      •  Share information with external collaborators

Ensure Data Integrity

By managing your research in Labguru, you’re benefiting from our various features created to ensure full data integrity, traceability, and accuracy. You’ll never have to worry about data integrity in papers and audits:

      • Full audit trail
      • Version history
      • Sign and Witness: time-stamped, digital signatures for experiments and protocols
      • Real-time recording of all actions in the system with user details
      • Real-time tracking of actions in experiments
dinis calado

“With Labguru, you can establish communication between lab members with the system… It is very important for a newcomer to the lab to be able to see how the long-running projects relate to each other, how one project led to another, and to be able to easily find and retrieve all the underlying data.”

-Dinis Calado, Group Leader in the Immunity and Cancer Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute & Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Immunobiology, King's College London. 


Labguru is an all-in-one tool for laboratories of all fields, combining ELN, LIMS, informatics tools, and automation. If you wish to boost productivity and efficiency in your research, we are the best choice for you!

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