Modular Web-Based Lab Research Management System

Labguru is a fresh approach for doing research: Meet the challenges of running a research group - from vision to execution, from knowledge to logistics.

  • Before Labguru we had all the lab protocols, all the manuals, everything somewhere but now we know where it is, where to find it, how to keep track of it, it helps us actually a lot that everything is in one place.

    As a PI especially it's a big help because I can keep better track of the individual projects that are running in the lab...and I can keep in touch with everyone even if i'm not in the lab.

    Prof. Marc SpehrPrincipal Investigator

  • If I read a relevant paper, I simply append it to the project and don't have to think about how best to keep it alongside the experiments without excessive filing and file names.

    We never used to be so well-planned - even though we do tend to be organized, Labguru forced us to think a bit more regarding the organizational and communicative side of the projects!

    Dr. Eli LewisPrincipal Investigator

Apps & Add-Ons

  • Labelguru
    Label specimens and samples with a single click. Integrated with Labguru, the information on Labelguru labels links tubes to their corresponding data including contents, storage location, owner, date, related experiments and research projects. Learn more.

  • UpFolder
    Automatically upload documents from your lab machines and computer to your Labguru account. Learn more.

Labguru iPad App

  • Plan and run multiple experiments
  • Built-in timers and multi-step tracking
  • Add notes to keep your research in context
  • Sync with Labguru

Used in Leading Universities Including

  • McGill
  • Harvard
  • UC Davis
  • Stanford

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  • Nature
  • TechCrunch
  • GenomeWeb
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