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Labguru gives scientific researchers better ways to track, share, and organize their research data.

Create protocol workflows, manage inventory, and communicate results with Labguru and make your lab happier and more productive

With our flexible and easy to use eNotebook you can record your research and track your protocols.

Protocols are stored, organized, and versions are tracked so that when something changes, you record it. When running a protocol you can receive a text message when a step is completed.

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With our collections module, you can keep track of large collections of specimen.

Upload existing spreadsheets. Record and preserve important metadata. View a list of the experiments for each sample.

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Map your materials, monitor your inventory, and manage shopping lists.

Centralize order requests, approvals and pending orders.

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Check your research from anywhere. Discuss results in context.

Comment directly on an experiment and see the protocol and process used. Use whiteboard to broadcast a message to your entire lab.

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What is Labguru

Your research relies on publications, protocols, materials, results, and fresh ideas. Labguru puts it all together - making it easy to work with researchers inside and outside of your lab.


Electronic Lab Notebook

Experimental planning makes research easier. Ensure that results are always available by creating a searchable repository of experimental data.


Stop duplicate orders with order requests and approvals. Map locations to make it easy to find reagents in the lab. Get a complete history of specimen usage.


Create internal databases of papers and protocols. Build context by linking all project components.


Share reagents and inventory with other labs. Comment directly on experiments and use whiteboards to keep the whole lab in sync.

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Labguru helps to see how much of things get ordered, and the frequency of when materials were ordered can be easily assessed. I observed that some lab members were not sharing resources, so by having the overview through Labguru, I was able to connect one team member with the other and point out that the antibody has already been purchased and was available for use. This resulted in a cost saving of $500.

Victoria Yoon RA & Lab Manager UCSF Gladstone Institute

Labguru is a very efficient tool that is helping us keep track of reagents, orders, tubes, and also communicate more easily about the work being done.

Petter Brodin, Ph.D. Principal Investigator Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
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