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Powerful research documentation software trusted by major pharmaceutical companies and academic labs.

Track material and specimen usage in real time, on board new lab members in minutes, and gain unprecedented access to experimental results.


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Why Choose Us

Your research relies on publications, protocols, materials, results, and fresh ideas. Labguru puts it all together - making it easy to work with researchers inside and outside of your lab.


Electronic Lab Notebook

Experimental planning makes research goals crystal clear. Make sure results are always available by creating a searchable repository of experimental data.


Stop duplicate orders with order requests and approvals. Map locations to make it easy to find reagents in the lab. Get a complete history of specimen usage.


Create internal databases of papers and protocols. Build context by linking all project components.


Share reagents and inventory with other labs. Comment directly on experiments and use whiteboards to keep the whole lab in sync.

Design & execute experiments, record data, search & find, instantly.

Plan as you go based on the results of experiments, helping you gain confidence in your research path

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Organize your sample database, link samples to experiments, trace their history - increase reproducibility.

Antibodies, worms, mice, flies, cell lines, bacteria and many more modules included and customizable.

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Tab samples
Map your materials, monitor your inventory, and manage shopping lists.

Centralize order requests, approvals and pending orders.

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Tab lab
Check your research from anywhere. Discuss results in context.

Comment directly on an experiment and see the protocol and process used. Use whiteboard to broadcast a message to your entire lab.

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Tab lab

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We conducted a comprehensive evaluation and found Labguru to be the most suitable solution for the management of our global preclinical biological reagents.

Lorenz Mayr VP of Reagents and Assay Development AstraZeneca

Labguru is a very efficient tool that is helping us keep track of reagents, orders, tubes, and also communicate more easily about the work being done.

Petter Brodin, Ph.D. Principal Investigator Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

The reporting is huge for us. All of my researchers can send me their data in a click

---- Prof. Dr. Marc Spehr, RWTH Aachen University


Your experiments generate vast amounts of data in various formats - from gel images to graphs. Your research relies on publications and protocols, materials and results. Labguru puts it all together.

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BioData’s experience with supporting academic groups, together with the cloud-based Labguru installation, will allow AstraZeneca scientists greater opportunities to share our biological research reagents with future external partners, to support new drug discovery projects for which there is currently an unmet medical need.

-- Lorenz Mayr, AstraZeneca


From any web-enabled device researchers search their department’s shared materials. They get it faster, for less cost, along with colleagues’ tips and recommendations.

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The problem Labguru is trying to solve is, how can we use technology to facilitate better research collaboration?

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