Save Time and Reduce Repetitive Manual Work using Labguru Automation

Automate Laboratory Management and Data Processing. Maintain Data Integrity and Minimize Errors with Step-by-Step Workflows.

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It's Time to Level Up your Lab Operations

Labguru Workflow Editor is an add-on solution to the Labguru ELN which enables you to build custom automated workflows — saving time, reducing human error, and accelerating research and discovery. Most actions that can be manually performed within Labguru can be automated using the Workflow Editor.

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Automate data analysis by integrating biological, chemical, or statistical calculations in your workflows

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Structure data to be machine learning and AI-ready


Automate routine operations such as inventory and sample tracking, experiment documentation, equipment management and more

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Extract data from external resources (such as instruments or programs)


Automatically generate reports on experimental data or lab management data

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Receive notifications via email and slack for selected activities and tasks

Flexible and Robust Automation

DIY Automations

If you have basic knowledge of Python, we can easily teach you how to use the Workflow Editor and gain control of the system’s full capabilities. Our support team is made up of scientists with experience in all life science fields, who will gladly assist you in creating and implementing workflows.

DIY automations
Automation4- professional services

Professional services

We also offer a professional workflow development service - we can also create basic workflows that you can build upon, or develop full workflows fitted to your needs. 

Elevate Your Research Workflow

Labguru Workflow Editor frees your hands from this repetitive work and leaves you free to do more bench work, plan more experiments, and overall do more science.

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Why Choose Labguru Automation?


Personalize your workflows according to your exact needs


Save time on manual repetitive tasks such as calculations, data manipulation, structuring, and transferring

Human Error

Minimize human errors by removing manual data processing steps


Maintain data integrity and comply with GxP guidelines by ensuring all processes are documented, monitored, and accurately performed


Centralize your activities on one platform by integrating with Labguru as a holistic system. You can even integrate with other apps using their API.


Bridge the gap between the scientists who gather experimental results and bioinformaticians/data-scientists who perform data analysis

"The automation is fantastic. Certain actions will automatically trigger an alert to another member of staff. It means that we don’t have to waste time chasing people to do something or to approve work. It saves a lot of time and makes the whole process go much more smoothly."

Colin Pashia - Copy

Colin Pashia

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Lead at Dodge Industrial

"I found Labguru Workflow Editor very smooth and approachable in terms of the design framework. Labguru has great API documentation, so it was quite straightforward to begin creating workflows based on that documentation. "

Derek Croote IgGenix2

Dr. Derek Croote

Chief Technical Officer at IgGenix

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