Labguru helps the Gladstone Institutes keep their inventory management and project tracking in sync

Learn how the Director of the Stem Cell Core and a Lab Manager in the Gladstone Neuroscience group use Labguru.

  • Achieve research continuity through digitization of protocols in a highly transient staffing environment
  • Digitization of experimental note-taking and experimental data to substantiate legally defensible notes
  • Achieve holistic and proactive management of research projects


Kathy Ivey, PhD - Staff Research Investigator, Director, Gladstone Stem Cell Core

“The ability to create clear and accurate documentation through an ELN is also critical as the turnover of research staff in a central core facility lab is high. Processes need to be clearly documented so that when new research associates and postdocs join the group, they have clear protocols to follow.”

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What Labguru can do

  • Planning. Projects are broken down into milestones and experiments ensuring clear objectives.
  • Specimen tracking. Shared collections to understand where your samples are and what experiments have been performed.
  • Brainstorming. Discuss results in scientific context.
  • Research continuity. Ensure that researchers can pick up where you left off with a complete research archive.
  • Reporting. Generate reports that guarantee all stakeholders - from funders to scientists - are up to date.
  • Knowledge transfer. Share key papers, write joint documents, and collaborate in the cloud.