• Webinar: Poster Presentations

    Why It Is Imperative to Create Posters that Rock


August 8, 2013 at 11am EDT

How to Prepare Poster Presentations that Rock

Scientists strive to publish their work to share with the world with the hope that their research will contribute to humanity's body of scientific knowledge. One means of publication is the poster presentation.


In this webinar, we'll share valuable ideas for how to prepare a poster including:

  • - 4 key career benefits gained by sharing your research results by poster
  • - Design tips to make your poster stand out
  • - Proven strategies and techniques for preparing and presenting your poster


We invite you to join in the conversation, and see how and learn why you must prepare poster presentations that rock!


Presented by:

Chen Guttman is a PhD. candidate specializing in protein purification, crystallization and solution NMR. He earned his MSc. researching tumor immunology at The Weizmann Institute of Science in 2005. An avid photographer and blogger, he has been a content writer and community liaison with BioData since 2011.


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Presented by:

Chen Guttman

Chen Guttman MSc.

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