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Labguru & BioEddie 

Intuitive Biomolecule HELM Notation and Management Tools

Labguru offers advanced macromolecule tools to simplify researchers’ lives, save time and create an organized and comprehensive database. Sketch, import, organize and track your macromolecules within an all-in-one lab informatics system.

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Sketch Biomolecules

Labguru offers the BioEddie macromolecule tool by ChemAxon as a built-in feature.

      • Use HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) notation to quickly and easily sketch large molecules such as proteins, amino acids, and compounds
      • Create clean, aesthetic, and intuitive biological sketches
      • Add annotations 
      • Import and save as sequence, HELM, or MOL formats
      • Pull monomers from Chemaxon’s extensive monomer library and add them to your sketch

Manage your Molecules

Create an organized, searchable, and accessible digital library. 

      • Organize your biomolecules in collections
      • Manually add biomolecules by sketching or bulk-update using an excel template
      • Assign physical locations to each sample by adding stocks to the molecule’s page 
      • Track remaining quantities and expiration dates, and receive notifications to prevent waste
      • Share information with teammates and collaborate on your collections

Connect Biomolecules to Experiments and Protocols

Keep your macromolecules tied together with your research.

      • Add specific macromolecules to experiments, so that you know exactly what was used where
      • Sketch biomolecules directly from experiment pages
      • Add macromolecules to protocols that can be used to reproduce experiments
      • Create datasets from experiment series created from the same protocol to compare results and view progress
      • View all experiments conducted with a certain molecule on one page
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All-in-One Platform

Labguru is a holistic platform for life science laboratories, which includes Electronic Lab Notebook, inventory and equipment management, lab informatics, data analysis, and automation. Our molecular biology tools enable scientists to conduct their entire research documentation within one platform, with no need for integration between molecule sketching software and ELN/LIMS. 


Labguru’s support team of science PhDs is here to answer your every question and need, from implementing the system and customizing it to your lab’s specific needs to daily operations.

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