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    Plan, Monitor, and Manage Your Research Track

Access the whole lab from far at any given time

Kim Præbel
PostDoc and Lab Manager
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, University of Tromsø
Each sample is kept together with all its relevant information and linked to relevant projects.


Create milestones for projects. Group experiments in milestones to build your projects and plan your progress. Milestones' status can be divided into past, current, and future – emphasizing not time-lines but the natural progression of lab-based scientific inquiry.


Stay on Top of Planned Research Activities

Assign, schedule and share tasks with labmates, ensuring your time-sensitive research activities aren't forgotten. Link tasks to their relevant project, specimen or material, so that it is clear what needs to be done - whether it's feeding a mouse, thawing a cell line, or ordering lab materials.


Link Resources to Quickly 'Paint' your Project's Big Picture

Labguru’s research management system lets you connect disparate but related aspects of your work in a meaningful way. For example, keep track of how specific specimens fit in with other research activities, including:

  • Experiments: Link specimens to experiments, then navigate between the two, and also keep other information, such as results and methods, connected. You can easily see past experiments that have utilized a specific specimen as well.
  • Sample origins: Monitor how other lab samples are related to your cell lines, from originating sources like tissues and rodents, to derived products such as lysates and immunoprecipitation samples.
  • Protocols: Connect protocols directly to relevant specimens.
  • Publications: Link references verifying specimen information and characteristics, to have them readily available.