• Lab Inventory Management

    Manage your lab's inventory and eliminate duplicate orders with Labguru


Shopping List Approve and Mark

Order approvals and deliveries of new materials can sometimes turn into a frenzy. With Labguru, lab managers will receive email notifications when someone requests an item, and when it arrives - you'll even get a heads-up to warn against redundant orders.


Service Orders

Not everything that needs to be ordered is a material. Repairs, warranty-extensions and cleaning - cover every need and keep track of all your invoices online.


2 in stock

Where exactly do we store this? How many do we have in stock? Whether you store something in tubes or bottles, you want to know how to find it without any hassle. From our materials index page, you can.


Add to shopping list

Just like you need to locate a material easily, you can simply request it from your lab manager. Need something ASAP? Just make a remark.