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    Organize your experiments - from protocols, reagents, and samples to results

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Your experiments generate vast amounts of data - from gel images to graphs to notes. Your research relies on publications and protocols, materials and results.

Going Paperless: The Digital Lab "...the race to create a good digital notebook — one that is both flexible and tailored to researchers' requirements — is still on. [Labguru founder] Jonathan Gross is one of the front runners in that competition."
Anat Ben-Zvi, PhD. "Labguru helps you arrange your thoughts…and see the micro world of your current experiment within the macro world of writing the paper."
Go Paperless with These Electronic Lab Notebooks "By opening a particular run of an experiment, you can easily identify the protocols and materials used, the results as well the location of associated tubes in the lab’s freezer."

The only electronic lab notebook that meets our needs

Konstantin (Kostya) Kogan - Labguru Testimonial
Konstantin (Kostya) Kogan
Postdoctoral Fellow
Adrian Goldman's Lab
Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki
We were looking for an electronic lab notebook that would allow keeping all our lab activities in one place. And we had a vision of what we need. I have tested a number of ELNs that are available on the market - free and paid ones. In the end we found Labguru is the only electronic lab notebook that meets our needs. It allows us to keep all the chemicals, plasmids, primers, cells, and the rest very well organized. It helped us to save money by avoiding double ordering. It allows me to better supervise students, when I have all their data at one place accessible 24/7 from everywhere. We really like the program. It’s not perfect, but it improves all the time. The team behind the software is great and keeps improving the service continuously.