• Principal Investigator

    Integrate Lab Logistics and Project Management

Your work as a Principal Investigator is demanding: Applying for grants, overseeing your projects, mentoring your team, and much more. Tailored for life-science research labs, Labguru's web-based software helps Principal Investigators keep track of all aspects of their research, keep their lab organized and centralized, and get the most out of their team. Implementing Labguru is both easy and cost effective.

Set Goals and Monitor Progress, Anytime, Anywhere

Define your research projects, milestones and experiments. For every task, you can assign responsibilities, set deadlines, communicate expectations and monitor progress even when away from your lab. Apply controlled transparency and define who in your lab sees what.

Prof. Marc Spehr, PhD
Principal Investigator
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
As a PI it's a big help. I can oversee projects and their progress, and I can keep in touch with everyone even if I'm not in the lab.

Publish Your Team’s Research Faster

Writing papers or generating reports is a click away with Labguru. With all your information centralized, you can quickly retrieve, analyze and print.

Each project's components - from background papers to protocols, experiments, data and images - are intuitively organized. So when it comes to assessing a project's status and writing papers, rather than searching notes, papers and memory, the entire process is streamlined.

Anat Ben-Zvi, PhD
Principal Investigator
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Labguru helps you arrange your thoughts…and see the micro world of your current experiment within the macro world of writing the paper.

Get More Out Of Your Grant Money

There are many ways Labguru helps maximize your budget including:

  • Centralized order requests, approvals and pending orders logistics save money by preventing duplicate orders.
  • Smart project management prevents redundant assays.
  • Save time spent on searching for data, samples and materials.
  • Reduce storage and printing costs by storing papers and protocols online and linked to their relevant experiment and research project.
Rohan Teasdale
Associate Professor
The University of Queensland, Australia
Labguru makes the lab more organized, improves student research processes, saves time and reduces costs. My Labguru account is definitely money well spent.

Enhance Collaboration In Your Lab – Mentor Your Team and Share Ideas

Meaningfully communicate with your team - even when not in the same room - regarding specific plans, projects, and results. Comment directly on an experiment and see the protocol and process used. Use your account’s whiteboard to broadcast a message to your entire lab.

Tal Yehuda, PhD
Lab Manager
Tel Aviv University
It saves a lot of time for PIs who can view and comment on projects results at their convenience, instead of arranging to meet with each student...Labguru's research management system makes communication between students as well as between each student and the PI much easier.