• Lab Managers

    Improve Lab Logistics and Optimize Research Actvities

Manage Orders and Inventory. Improve Your Lab's Efficiency.

Supervise the daily activity of the lab cost effectively from workflow to maintenance to administration.

  • Centralize order requests, approvals and pending orders
  • Eliminate duplicate orders and save money
  • Ensure lab members have the materials needed to optimize their research efforts
'The Paperless Lab' - SCIENCE
25 July 2014
Morrish praises Labguru's customer service and says the system is a huge timesaver. It streamlines ordering by putting product numbers, vendors, and current orders in one place, she says. Labguru holds her laboratory's mouse records with full genotypes, and plasmid information including maps. Morrish says the system is particularly helpful for locating items. "Think how much time we waste looking for things," she says. "Now when I need something, even if other people aren't around to ask, I can type it into the database and find it."

Keep Your Storage and Inventory Organized

  • Quickly find tubes, samples and materials and map your storage in an easy and intuitive way.
  • Emulate your lab storage configuration and map all your samples effortlessly with its unique storage visualization tool.
  • Save time and easily locate materials and specimens stored in shelves, freezers, closets, cages or boxes.
  • Ascertain a tube’s entire biography - from its date, aliquot numbers to freezing and usage.
Nir Sadeh, PhD
Lab Manager
Faculty of Food, Agriculture and Environment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Labguru has made ordering materials very simple for all members of our lab...Students don't need to consult anybody before ordering anything, and I simply need to approve the orders already performed. Labguru greatly improved our day-to-day life in the lab.

Keep a well maintained lab and maximize efficiency

  • Establish lab procedures and create shared documentation to streamline lab procedures and regulations
  • Schedule routine tasks using the shared calendar to monitor lab cleaning, equipment maintenance and team meetings
  • Eliminate double booking of shared lab equipment with Labguru’s Equipment Scheduling module and easily manage usage time of expensive equipment
  • Help new students quickly get up-to-speed thanks to the centralized protocol and specimens repository
Tal Yehuda, PhD
Lab Manager
Tel Aviv University
The equipment module is a useful one for us. As we are a very large laboratory that contains a lot of equipment and many members, any machine needs to be ordered for work in advance. Instead of working with the sheets for each machine we now intend on performing all equipment orders through Labguru's system and it should make things work much easier and smoothly.