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    Research and Lab Management Software Tailored for Life Science Research

Flexible and Focused Research Project Management

Many factors contribute to the success of a biotech industry lab. Key factors includes an environment that fosters innovation, efficient research, and new product development on time and on budget. Labguru understands that the progress of life-science research is unpredictable – which is why our research and lab management software is tailored to minimize the pains and maximize the potential of your company’s research team.

Features and Benefits Include:

Research Project Management

Plan your research track, assign tasks, and enable all members to share ideas and results.


Logistics: Inventory Orders and Storage

  • Orders: Labguru's shopping cart filters all order requests to the lab manager, enabling orders to be grouped by common vendor, to maximize bulk order discounts and minimize s&h charges. As well, with all requests in one-place, your lab can eliminate duplicate orders. In addition lab members are automatically notified as their requested material arrives, and exactly where to find it in the lab.
  • Storage: Virtually Map Your Lab's Inventory Locations. Define shelves, freezers and closets, through racks of boxes down to single tubes. "Place" each material, molecular entity or specimen in its location.

Continuity: Preserve History to Empower New Lab Members

Knowledge, past activities and future plans are preserved, accessible and easily understood.


Optimize Collaboration

  • New members can quickly get up-to-speed
  • For every aspect of your research, lab members can leave comments and share ideas. For example: Tips for using a particular equipment item; Ideas for improving an experiment's protocol; Discuss an image of an experiment's results.

Customer Testimonial

Yoram Altschuler - Labguru Testimonial
Yoram Altschuler PhD.
Chief Science Officer (CSO)
NovellusDx Ltd.
Labguru is both a great replacement for the traditional lab notebook and a novel tool for company management and communication.

Rapid and Comprehensive Reporting

  • Generate project reports at the push of a button
  • Project reports are comprehensive, including experiments, results, images, data, materials and protocols used
  • Export reports as a PDF, ZIP or Word document

Effective Result Validation

Reduce variability and inconsistency:
  • Ensure consistent adherence to experiment protocols
  • Control business and scientific processes
  • Methodically track materials, batches, strains, their sources and storage locations

Protect Your IP

Labguru includes on-line bank-level security features. Each user’s account is password protected, and data is frequently backed-up on multiple servers. Digital Signature preserves the integrity and authenticity of your research knowledge.


Care and Control Your Specimens

For many biotechs, the entire IP is wrapped up in a novel seed or unique genetic sequence. Labguru enables researchers to record, track and retrieve all data related to a specimen – Who has used it, how it was used, where it is stored, under what conditions, and for how long.

Eliminate Dependence on Expensive and Cumbersome Software with an Easy-To-Use Service

  • Labguru is easy to configure and access - web-based, all you need is an internet connection to sign up and get started populating your account.
  • Compared to LIMS Labguru is inexpensive - Only $33 per user/month on an annual basis
  • No maintenance or upgrading is required - Labguru is a web-based service and updates are done on a regular basis with no work on your side

Comply with Recognized Standards and Procedures

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance which enables you to keep an audit trail and a digital signature, location management and data control
  • Full support of GLP/GCP-level tracking for clinical research and development
  • Comodo TrustMark confidence, 2048-bit SSL certificate exchange, and 256-bit data encryption