ELN or LIMS? That is the Question

2 Dec 2020

As technology progresses and new smart technologies are developed, research labs face the need to keep up with progress. Continuing working with a paper notebook to document research data is the easy solution, however, it 

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks – What to Expect in 2021

25 Nov 2020

The ELN market has been growing steadily over the years. Biodata was incepted in 2007, to help academia and biotech companies move from pen and paper into a software solution. There is no doubt that 

5 Tips for Choosing your Research Lab Informatics Software

18 Nov 2020

The life science industry is struggling with the need to process vast amounts of data. The need to process complex data and derive insights from it is a challenge with which most research labs are 

NEW! Labguru Dashboards

22 Oct 2020

Boost Your research with Data-Driven Decisions See the Big Picture from the Small Numbers Labguru Dashboards add-on offers research teams a comprehensive overview of their data and operations allowing them to make data-driven decisions.  Create 

Powerful Informatics Solutions for Data Driven Labs

20 Oct 2020

Labguru Laboratory Informatics Software allows full integration of workflows, datasets, dashboard creation and more One Unified Solution – ELN+ LIMS+ Lab Informatics Labguru is specifically built for life science & pharmaceutical companies. Labguru offers a 

Labguru – More than Your Basic Laboratory Information Management System

15 Oct 2020

Your all in one research data management solution: LIMS + ELN + Informatics & more Integrated Laboratory Information Management System Labguru laboratory information management system, integrates LIMS, electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and informatics capabilities and